7 cool websites to visualise your Spotify music listening history

These websites provide even more insight on your music taste than Spotify Wrapped.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 6 December 2022, 6:19 PM

The long-awaited annual Spotify Wrapped finally dropped on Nov 30 as Spotify users scrambled to find out what their most played song and artist was in 2022.

As fun as Spotify Wrapped is, it doesn’t show the full extent of your music taste. It does not track your full listening history in November and December, and it lacks certain features such as showing how many times you have looped certain songs or artists.

While we may already be familiar with some music insight-providing websites, here are even more fun websites with new features you may not have seen yet to visualise your music preferences!

1. Instafest and Festify

Create your dream music festival lineup using Instafest and Festify — websites that turns your top listened to artists into a festival poster.


You can choose to display your top artists from the past four weeks, past six months, or across all time. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAFEST, FESTIFY


Instafest offers two additional options of picking your poster background style, and revealing your basic score from zero to a hundred, rating how niche your music taste is. The lower, the more unique your listening taste!

2. Spotify Pie

We may be familiar with genres like pop, rock, or indie, but Spotify has so many genres that many of us probably have never heard of. In fact, we may not even know that our favourite artists are classified under these unique genre titles in Spotify.

With Spotify Pie, you can easily view the top genres of the artists you listen to in an easy to comprehend pie chart.


If you’re using the desktop website, you can hover over specific sections of the pie chart to see what artists are classified under the genre. PHOTO CREDIT: SPOTIFY PIE

3. Icebergify

Some of us may have seen the iceberg tier list circulating around social media. For the uninitiated, the peak of the iceberg represents things most people have knowledge about or are aware of, while the deepest part of the iceberg depicts the most niche things that few people have heard of before.

Icebergify uses popularity rankings through Spotify’s data to rank your top 50 artists across all time into an iceberg chart.


Artists that are often heard on the radio are placed at the tip of the iceberg, and artists that you probably won’t find your friends listening along to are at the very bottom. PHOTO CREDIT: ICEBERGIFY


If you pride yourself in having unique music taste, you can now check exactly how niche your favourite artists rank.

4. Whisperify

Apart from providing an in-depth technical analysis, breakdown, and comparison of your music taste, Whisperify also lets you play a little game to test your knowledge on your own music library.


You can view a chart of your overall music taste and compare it to the average of global listeners, country-specific users, or even friends and Meyer-Briggs personality types! PHOTO CREDIT: WHISPERIFY


You can also quiz yourself on how fast you can identify songs you have in specific playlists, or your general top tracks.


Points are given according to how quickly you can identify the song being played and you can check the global leaderboard after. PHOTO CREDIT: WHISPERIFY

5. How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?

A project by The Pudding that judges your music taste with an excessive load of sarcasm, How Bad Is Your Streaming Music asks questions about specific songs and artists you listen to and then makes hilarious snarky comments about it.


Instead of simply collating your listening history, this website spices things up by curating personalised ‘insults’ on your music taste which are surprisingly fun. PHOTO CREDIT: THE PUDDING

6. Spotify Palette

If you wanted to know what the colour of your music taste was, now you can! 

Spotify Palette tracks the average danceability, energy, and valence of your recent top songs across the past six months, and gives you a colour palette based on it.


You can also see what songs in particular influenced the colour of your palette. PHOTO CREDIT: SPOTIFY PALETTE


For those who would like more detailed updates on your music listening history, is ideal for getting updates.

From telling you exactly how many times you have played each song to letting you know what time of the day you’re most active in listening to music, tracks your listening habits down to a tee.


On, “scrobbles” refers to the number of plays you have on a song. PHOTO CREDIT: LAST.FM


With this list of websites, you don’t have to wait till the end of the year to get fun insights on your music-listening activity!

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