7 budget-friendly Halloween outfit ideas that will make you look spook-tacular

From Super Mario to a scary ghoul, there are plenty of options here!

Nnurul Shakinah

In love with anything matcha flavoured.

Published: 19 October 2022, 11:20 AM

Planning to dress up for Halloween Horror Nights, or go trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood, like this one in Sembawang, but struggling to find inspiration? 

Fret not, we’re here to help. 

Whether you are planning to look like a popular TV show character or a scary ghost, here are seven ideas to help you to look slay this Halloween! 

1. Amazon Vampire cloak

Halloween is the season for scare, and nothing speaks scary like a vampire! 

Those looking to dress up as a cool-looking blood-sucker (don’t take it literally, though) can check out this cloak on Amazon’s dedicated Halloween store. Made of polyester fibre, the cloak is dual-sided – so you can go with either a red or black cloak! 


This Amazon vampire cloak is unisex. PHOTO CREDIT: AMAZON SINGAPORE


The cloak is priced at $15.39. 

2. Amazon’s Mario Adult Costume Accessory Kit

Dressing up for Halloween doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up to scare. For some, it can be about revisiting your favourite stuff in your childhood and that could just be Super Mario. 

If chasing mushrooms or crashing carts was your thing as a child, then this Mario outfit on Amazon may interest you. 

The costume accessory kit comes with the iconic Mario hat, a pair of white gloves and a faux moustache (self-adhesive). 




The Mario accessory kit comes in one size and is priced at $25.02. 

Amazon is also running a promotion, with customers entitled to a $3 discount with the code Treat3 with a minimum spend of $25 on selected items

3. Eerie-sistible masks from Daiso

For the ones who don’t want to put too much commitment into an outfit, but are still looking for something scary, then these spooky Daiso masks might be something to consider. 

Available at all Daiso outlets islandwide, these masks cost just $2.14. 

The masks can be secured onto your face with a strap, and fits on for most people. 


Just make sure you don’t venture out alone with this mask in case you get mistaken for an actual monster. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ NNURUL SHAKINAH


4. Accessories fit for the witching hour

Need a low cost outfit idea? Then check out these accessories from Daiso.

From devil horns headbands to a black and gold witch hat, these options for those on a budget are easy to style too. 


The devil horns and witch’s hat will add a nice spooky touch to any simple outfit. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ NNURUL SHAKINAH


These versatile accessories can be found in Daiso stores islandwide as well, for just $2.14 each. 

5. Maddy Perez’s iconic black cut out mini dress in Euphoria

Looking to dress up as a main character? The iconic Maddy Perez who owned episode one season two of the award-winning TV series Euphoria could be an inspiration. 

Maddy wore a black dress in that episode, and the look blew up on TikTok after the episode aired. 

E-commerce platform, Etsy, has a dress similar to Maddy’s black dress for sale.


The dress from Etsy comes with black gloves so that you can get Maddy’s complete outfit. PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM/@EUPHORIA, PHOTO CREDITS: ETSY


The black dress comes in small, medium and large sizes, and is priced at almost $50.

6. Stranger Things season 4 Eddie Munson’s outfit.

Are you a fan of the hit show, Stranger Things? Creating Eddie Munson’s outfit can be done easily on a budget! 

A similar looking t-shirt that Eddie dons in the show can be found on e-commerce platform, Shopee. It is also unisex!


Eddie’s HellFire Club t-shirt dupe comes in various sleeve lengths. PHOTO CREDIT: SHOPEE


The t-shirt is priced between $8.90 and $10.89, depending on the sleeve lengths. 

Those looking to go full on Eddie Munson can pair it with a denim vest and a leather jacket! 

7. Ghostface

Nothing says iconic like Ghostface from the Scream film series. 

The face mask and hunting knife that Ghostface used in the Scream series can be found on Etsy! 

The full-face mask is made of soft-latex and has an elastic strap to secure the mask – you do not have to worry about it falling off and exposing your true identity!

The hunting knife is also a plastic version – just in case people mistake you for an actual Ghostface. 


Smear the hunting knife with some fake blood to scare your friends even more! PHOTO CREDIT: ETSY


This Ghostface set is available for about $45. 

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