6 tiger-themed baked goodies worth giving to loved ones this CNY

From traditional pineapple tarts to cake pops, these treats are sure to impress at gatherings.

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Published: 27 January 2022, 11:20 AM

For most Chinese New Year gatherings, traditional treats like love letters and pineapple tarts would dominate the snack table

But in this Year of the Tiger, why not consider bringing a tiger-inspired treat you can find locally?

Here are six tiger-themed baked goodies that are sure to turn heads at your coming Chinese New Year gatherings.

1. Tiger Pineapple Tart from Annabella Patisserie

Starting off the list is a modern take on pineapple tarts, a well-known traditional snack. Instead of the usual smooth pastry exterior, however, each Annabella Patisserie tart is painted and moulded to look like an adorable tiger’s head.


Back on Jan 25, the bakery’s first batch of tarts sold out within a day of release. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/ABPATISSERIE


Going at $25.80 for a box of 12 tarts, customers can order on the bakery’s website for delivery as early as Feb 4.

2. Tiger Madeleines from FLOR Patisserie

Specialising in Japanese-inspired French pastry, FLOR Patisserie takes on the tiger theme with striped madeleines. 

Despite the cakes’ plain exterior, cutting into each piece will reveal swirls of chocolate and butter.


To maintain its freshness, the bakery suggests the madeleines be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. PHOTO CREDIT: FLOR PATISSERIE


The small cakes are sold in a pack of four, priced at $15.80. After ordering via the patisserie’s website, collection can be done between now and Jan 30.

3. Prosperity Tiger from BreadTalk

Best known for its floss buns, this local bakery chain has conceptualised a sweet round bun, complete with ears and a smiling tiger’s expression. Accompanying its soft exterior is its corn sausage cheese filling.


Named the Prosperity Bun-dle, the tiger-shaped bun comes along with various sweet and savoury delights. PHOTO CREDIT: BREADTALK


Although not sold individually, the bun comes within a Prosperity Bun-dle sold for $9.50 on its website. The other buns in the box feature other Chinese New Year must-have ingredients like bak kwa and egg yolk filling.

4. Hoo Hoo Orange Castella Cake from Ah Mah Homemade Cake

This Malaysian franchise previously made local news in 2020 for its castella cakes. This year, it brings to customers the same melt-in-your-mouth cakes, now with an orange-flavour and striped design.


Orange juice, zest and pulp gives this Chinese New Year special some mild tangy notes. PHOTO CREDIT: AH MA


Available on its website and in-stores from Jan 6, each cake is sold at $12.80, and contains no preservatives or artificial flavouring.

5. Tiger Gateau from Goodwood Park Hotel

This vanilla pound cake will surely add some luxury to the snack table. Similar to the aforementioned madeleines and castella cake, this festive creation also features stripes, created with orange and brown layers.


Living up to its name, the cake is completed with ears and a tail made with icing. PHOTO CREDIT: GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL


Weighing one kilogram, a cake is sold for $91.59, available for pickup or delivery through the hotel’s website.

6. Tiger Cake Pop from Milo & Pepper

Rounding off the list are some miniature tigers on sticks. After taking a break last December, this home-based bakery has come back ready for the new year with tiger-shaped cake pops.


The miniature tigers are sold alongside baked donuts and macarons. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@_MILOANDPEPPER


Though the price is not disclosed on its social media, customers can order the Tiger Sweet Treats set before Feb 6 through Whatsapp, Milo & Pepper’s Facebook page or Instagram.

Looking beyond aesthetics, there’s surely something for everyone in this list of both traditional and modern Chinese New Year goodies. Have a roaring time with your loved ones this Chinese New Year!

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