5 unconventional Yusheng to toss during Chinese New Year 2023

Health enthusiasts can enjoy an all-fruit Yusheng, while those craving for something more premium can go for one with A4 Wagyu.

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Published: 16 January 2023, 11:12 AM

As Chinese New Year rounds the corner and families gather to enjoy the festivities, one can expect to take part in the long-standing tradition of tossing Yusheng (raw fish).

Also known as Prosperity Toss, the tradition sees raw fish tossed and mixed with a variety of shredded vegetables and sauces on the seventh day of celebrations while New Year greetings are exchanged. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, these unique Yusheng choices might be right up your alley:

1. Flambé Collagen Yuzu Ingot Lion Dance YuSheng

Though 2023 is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit, this particular Yusheng does not stick to the clichés of being modelled after the rabbit.

The Flambé Collagen Yuzu Ingot Lion Dance YuSheng with Baby Abalone, Salmon and Golden Cup ($168) from Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant brings a twist to the festive dish. It is meticulously moulded into the shape of a lion used in xingshi (lion dance).


The ingots contain yuzu sauce, which will dissolve into the Yusheng ingredients once heated up. PHOTO CREDIT: PEACH GARDEN CHINESE RESTAURANT


This Yusheng is only available through dine-in and takeaways from physical restaurant outlets at OCBC Centre, Hotel Miramar, Thomson Plaza, Chinatown Point and The Metropolis.

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant opens 11am to 10pm daily, and bookings can be made here.

2. Peach Blossoms’ Harvest YuSheng

If you’re getting tired of the mundane routine of tossing Yusheng, this method of consuming it includes an additional step that may renew your interest.

A refreshing take on the Chinese saying 花开富贵 (flower blossoms to fortune and prosperity), the Peach Blossoms’ Harvest YuSheng ($138) is meant to be consumed by smashing open a nitrogen infused rose, then tossing the entire dish.


The rose contains a variety of ingredients such as kanpachi (Great Amberjack fish), abalone, crispy whitebait and mixed organic fruits. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/PEACH BLOSSOMS – 鴻桃軒


Customers can purchase the Peach Blossoms’ Harvest YuSheng from Jan 15 to Feb 5 when they dine in or takeaway at Peach Blossoms, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore.

The restaurant is open from 12pm to 3pm on weekdays during lunch hours, and two seatings are provided on weekends and public holidays at 11am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 3pm respectively.

It is open from 6.30pm to 11pm daily for dinner. 

3. GyuSheng

If you’re one of the people who dislike the yu in their Yusheng, you can consider using Wagyu Beef as the main ingredient for a modern touch to a traditional dish.

Contemporary Japanese restaurant Fatcow offers such a twist to the classic Yusheng through its signature GyuSheng ($99) which highlights the flavour of Miyazaki A4 Wagyu.

The GyuSheng comes with other Japanese ingredients like Uni, Ikura, Chuka Kurage (seasoned jellyfish) and Chuka Wakame (seasoned seaweed).


Gyu means cow in Japanese, and the dish’s name is a play on both “wagyu” and “Yusheng”. PHOTO CREDIT: FATCOW


Fatcow’s GyuSheng is available from Jan 16 to Feb 5, and customers can choose between dine in and takeaway.

The restaurant opens from 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm on weekends, and closes half an hour earlier on weekdays.

4. Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’

Health enthusiasts looking to maintain their New Year resolution of staying healthy can consider trying out healthier variations of a Yusheng platter.

Chopsuey Café’s Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ ($45.80) includes a myriad of nutritious ingredients such as trout, kale, celeriac, sprouts, red radish, blueberries and wild rice. 


The Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ is available in either the small or large sizes. PHOTO CREDIT: CHOPSUEY CAFÉ


The Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ can be preordered now at Chopsuey Café’s website between Jan 9 and Feb 5, and customers can opt to pick up the Yusheng directly from the restaurant or have it delivered to them.

Alternatively, they can dine in or takeaway the Yusheng in person at Chopsuey Café.

Customers can also get the Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ through online delivery services like GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo.

Located at 10 Dempsey Road, Chopsuey Café opens 11am to 11pm every Sunday to Thursday and closes half an hour later on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

5. Invigorating Fruits Yu Sheng

Unlike classic Yusheng platters which contain a massive amount of greens in them, this one only contains fruits.

Kuriya Japanese Market offers the Invigorating Fruits Yu Sheng ($58.80), which comprises a medley of six fruits. 

Customers can expect pomelo, pear, guava, mango, pineapple and jackfruit served with a signature yuzu sauce made with ingredients from Japan within the Yusheng.


The Invigorating Fruits Yu Sheng is meant to be consumed by six to eight people. PHOTO CREDIT: KURIYA JAPANESE MARKET


Limited edition red packets from Kuriya Japanese Market will also be given out with every Yusheng dish purchased as part of a special promotion. However, these red packets are only available while stocks last.

The Invigorating Fruits Yu Sheng is only available for purchase online from Jan 5 to Feb 5. After making their purchase, customers can opt for island-wide delivery or pick up the Yusheng themselves.

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