5 tips for ladies to club safely

Nightlife can be fun, but it’s also important to remain cautious.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 22 April 2022, 10:53 AM

With the nightlife scene finally reopened after two years, it’s easy to bask in the excitement and lose focus of your surroundings when out partying. 

This is especially so for those who are experiencing Singapore’s nightlife scene for the first time

Clubbing can be thrilling, but your safety should not be overlooked too. As much as you deserve that fun, it’s also important to protect yourself against anything that threatens a good time.

Here are five tips for you and your girlfriends to party safely!

1. Go with a group of trustworthy friends

Regardless of whether this is your first time clubbing or not, it’s best to go with a group of about three to four trusted friends.

Nightlife can be fun, but that fun also comes with risks. You never know what could go wrong, which is why these friends have to have your back no matter what. As you brave the crowds together, you’ll have to account for and take care of each other if met with any inconvenience.

2. Don’t leave your drinks unattended

During your girls’ night out, you’ll probably go back and forth between your table and the dancefloor quite often, so you won’t have your eyes on your drinks at all times. This leaves room for the possibility of anything suspicious being slipped into your drink. 

You should never leave your glass unattended, so avoid continuing to drink from the same cup after returning to your table.


It’s safer to pour a new glass for yourself, or order a new drink entirely. PHOTO CREDIT: ISABELLA MENDES VIA PEXELS


On this note, you should never accept drinks from strangers too unless you physically witness the bartender serving it to you. As tempting as free drinks are, you never know what could be inside them, which is why it’s safer to watch the bartender make it in front of you.

3. Don’t bring too much baggage

Have you ever seen anyone dancing with their laptops and umbrellas? If your answer is no (and you’re right), then it should tell you all about the items you shouldn’t be bringing to a club.

You don’t want to be lugging a backpack or handbag around. While there are lockers available at clubs to deposit your stuff before the party starts, there’s a possibility of getting drunk and losing your locker tags too.

You’re there to have fun. So bring just the bare essentials. That means just your phone and a credit card. Maybe your EZ-Link card too, if you want to wait till sunrise to take public transport home.


Masks are still mandatory in clubs, except for when you are drinking. PHOTO CREDIT: ALEXANDER POPOV VIA UNSPLASH


You can perhaps bring a lipstick along too, in case your makeup gets smudged while drinking, or a spare mask, just in case it mysteriously goes missing during the night.

4. If you see a fight, walk away

If you hear screaming and shouting from a distance and see a crowd gathering, you might want to walk away instead. you don’t have to join them to see what’s going on.

Filming a fight might get you plenty of views on TikTok or Instagram, but it also puts you at greater risk. While there are bouncers in the clubs to break up fights, it’s still dark and you might be mistaken as one of those involved in the fights.

If you really are that invested in the drama, you can try your luck by scrolling through social media a day or two later instead.

5. Know your drinking limit

When you’re starting to feel giddy, or that your next burp could be your dinner from earlier, that’s your sign to stop drinking. 

If you need to puke, go ahead. There is no shame in it, contrary to what your peers might say. If your friends call you weak, then so be it. Your well-being matters more, so if puking makes you feel better, just go for it. At least now you have a better idea of how much you can handle. 

You might also want to take a break and get some fresh air after you feel like this limit has been hit. You can still continue partying, just put a lid on the alcohol for the night.

This could be your first time clubbing in your entire life or in two years, but as much as you want to have a good time, remember that your safety always comes first. Stay alert, and have fun.

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