5 things youths can get from Standard Products and Threeppy at Daiso’s new concept store

Some products to consider include minimalistic storage boxes and solar-powered garden lights.

Muhd Zahin Ilmi

Sports enthusiast and expert overthinker.

Published: 25 May 2022, 12:32 PM

Daiso Singapore unveiled a new concept store on May 25 that will house all three of Daiso’s brand lines: Daiso, Threeppy and newly introduced Standard Products.

Located at level three of Jurong Point shopping centre, the concept store has a floor area of 14,981 square feet and is the second of its kind in the world.

Standard Products, the newest brand line, made its international debut in Singapore at the concept store. 

Described by Daiso Singapore as a minimalist brand with sustainable products, Standard Products has approximately 1,200 items available in store. The products range from everyday goods such as stationery and accessories to handcrafted kitchenware made in collaboration with Japan’s domestic industries.

Apart from the introduction of Standard Products, the opening of the concept store will also debut Threeppy’s new brand identity as a more female-centric brand.

Threeppy’s new products will have a more “feminine focused” style and design which will incorporate more pastel colours such as pink and mint. Threeppy offers more than 800 products in the concept store which can range from fashion accessories to tableware.

With the introduction of Standard Products and the rebranding of Threeppy, here are five interesting products youths can get from the new Daiso concept store.

7mm ruled notebooks

Available in three colours and two different sizes, Standard Products’ notebooks come with a rather unique feature.

The Standard Products notebook’s cover page has a design that will allow you to keep track of your plans at a quick glance. It is divided into several sections where you can fill in your short, medium and long term goals as well as your daily schedule.


The notebooks each have 32 pages and come in two sizes: A5 and B5. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MUHAMMAD ZAHIN ILMI


Both notebook sizes are sold at the same price of $4.07.

Coloured storage boxes

A neat and tidy workspace plays an important role when it comes to being productive. With Standard Products’ multi-coloured storage boxes, organisation is made much simpler.

Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, the boxes carry a minimalist look and feel which allows it to seamlessly fit into almost anywhere without disrupting the aesthetics of the space.

The boxes can also be used for various purposes based on your individual needs. For example, smaller boxes may be used to store stationery on desks while bigger boxes may be used to store large cables.


The boxes are also easily stackable, which allows users to save space in their rooms or workspaces by stacking the boxes up. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MUHAMMAD ZAHIN ILMI


The prices for the storage boxes range between $4 to $7 as it varies depending on its size.

Bamboo tableware

If you recently started university and have moved into a dorm, then tableware is definitely something you’ll need.

Standard Products’ bamboo tableware is a great option to consider as it is both durable and environmentally friendly. Available in several colours such as blue and coral, the bowls and plates are also easily stackable which allows for ease of storage as they take up minimal space.


Although the bowls and plates may look thin, they are not easily breakable as they are made of bamboo as opposed to more fragile materials such as ceramic. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MUHAMMAD ZAHIN ILMI


The bamboo plates and bowls are sold at the same price of $6.21 each.

Bamboo box mirror

Misplacing your jewellery and accessories frequently? You should consider getting Threeppy’s bamboo box mirror as it comes with a built-in storage space.

Despite its small size, the box mirrors are able to hold many items at once. Ear rings, hair clips, rings and watches, which are also sold at Threeppy, can all be kept in the storage space.

This purchase is suitable for those with a small desk space.


The storage space in the bamboo mirror is also divided into several parts to keep the items inside organised. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MUHAMMAD ZAHIN ILMI


The bamboo box mirror comes in a single size of 18cm x 5.1cm x 13cm and costs $6.21.

Solar-powered garden lights

If you are looking to spice up your outdoor areas such as your garden, then Threeppy has just the thing for you.

As the solar-powered garden lights do not require the use of electricity, it is an environmentally friendly and convenient option to decorate outdoor spaces in your home. 


The garden glass lights have a mosaic-inspired pattern and three different variations of colours. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/MUHAMMAD ZAHIN ILMI


If you prefer a more minimalistic and simple design, Standard Products also carries a variation of garden lights that come in black with transparent glass instead.

Both garden lights from Threeppy and Standard Products are priced at $6.21 each.

Following the opening of the concept store, Daiso Singapore has also introduced three new product categories: DIY tools, bath goods and exercise.

Everything in the concept store also follows Daiso’s recently implemented multi-tiered pricing, where products are sold from a base price of $2.14 and may cost up to $25.47.


The price chart with the newly implemented multi-tiered pricing can be found all around the store for customers to refer to as they shop. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ MUHAMMAD ZAHIN ILMI


As the opening of the Daiso concept store coincides with the Japanese brand’s 50th anniversary, Daiso will be offering upsized products with up to a 150 per cent increase in quantities for the same price, while stocks last.

The new concept store is also holding a grand opening promotion from May 25 to May 27, where the first 3,000 customers to spend a minimum of S$30 on a single receipt will receive a limited edition Daiso tote bag.

During a media preview on May 24, Director of Daiso Singapore Jun Tomioka announced that two more Daiso stores are in the pipeline. One will open at NEX shopping mall in Serangoon next month while another will be ready in the Ang Mo Kio area by September this year.

While the two new stores will not be concept stores, Mr Tomioka stated that there are plans to introduce ten more Standard Products and Threeppy stores in Singapore by 2024. 

There is also a high chance that the two brand lines will be brought online following the opening of the concept store.

Mr Tomioka said: “We’re in the process right now of making this happen because we want to start with the physical launch and see how that goes. Based on that, (we will) make the next decision. But it’s definitely in the pipeline. We are doing research to see how we can bring this to the next step.”

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