5 spring cleaning essentials for Chinese New Year 2023

Time to get scrubbing!

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Published: 13 January 2023, 4:56 PM

A big part of the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year is the annual spring cleaning. With this year’s Chinese New Year falling on Jan 22, many households might have already begun their cleaning routine.

If you have yet to get started, it might be a good idea to do so soon as cleaning during Chinese New Year is considered taboo. This is due to the belief that one would be “sweeping away” good luck.

Here are five cleaning essentials that you can consider getting to make this cleaning season a breeze:

1. The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

Some people may have already caught wind of this cleaning paste, as its TikTok hashtag blew up with over 572 million views

This stain-removing paste is made with a specially formulated, vegetable oil based cleaner. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM SHOPEE


Users on TikTok have sworn to the paste’s effectiveness in removing stubborn stains and grease. Some have also used it on dirty sneakers and pans. 

You may want to try The Pink Stuff for yourself to see if it is indeed a “miracle” cleaning paste. The Pink Stuff is available on Shopee for $14.58 a tub. 

2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Looking for an extra pair of “hands” this spring cleaning season? Look no further than this robot vacuum cleaner.

The robot cleaner can sweep, mop, vacuum and sterilise spaces, without supervision

The robot vacuum cleaner can be used on flat surfaces which include marble, tile, wood floor. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM SHOPEE


Think of it as a trusty assistant who will help you do the chores, while you run around doing other Chinese New Year preparations.

The vacuum, which comes in three colours (black, red and white), is priced at $30 on Shopee. It is currently on discount at $21.90. 

3. Scrub Daddy cleaning sponge

You have probably seen sponges with a smiley face taking over the Internet a few years ago. It was one of the products pitched on the ABC reality show Shark Tank.

Although it has been years since the launch of this successful product, the Scrub Daddy cleaning sponges are still widely used in kitchens. 

The sponges are known to become soft in warm water and rigid in cold water, making them versatile cleaning sponges.


The smile may just look like a cute touch, but it can actually be used to clean utensils such as spoons. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM SHOPEE


If you would like to make your kitchen space clean and shiny just in time for reunion dinner, the Scrub Daddy sponges might come in handy.

You can purchase these sponges on Shopee for $4.70 a piece (U.P. $4.95).

4. Gel toilet deodorizer

With plenty of guests visiting during Chinese New Year, your toilets might be utilised more frequently than usual. This gel toilet deodoriser can help you deal with any unpleasant odours. 


The product comes in a syringe-like tube which allows you to make cute flower prints on the inside of the toilet bowl. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM LAZADA


With each flush, the gel will slowly dissolve while emitting a fragrance. 

It comes in seven different fragrances, which includes Lemon, Lavender, Ocean, Osmanthus, Rose, Orange and Sakura. 

Each tube of gel retails at $9.90 each. It is currently on sale at $3.40 on Lazada

7. Mobile application for task organisation

If you have family members who dread spring cleaning, you may want to come up with a rewards system to encourage everyone to chip in and help. 

OurHome is a free mobile application, for both Android and iOS users, that helps you to do just that.  


This application enables you to assign tasks for other members of the family with points as rewards. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM OURHOME


Once the task assigned has been completed, the application will reward the individual with points, which they can use to claim rewards. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM OURHOME


With a reward to look forward to after completing a task, this application will help to motivate your family members to complete their chores! 

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