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5 features that make the Canon PowerShot V10 ideal for aspiring youth content creators

The camera is said to be made for vloggers and those that wish to film on a smaller device.

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Published: 16 June 2023, 5:03 PM

For those that wish to shoot fuss-free and like a professional, Canon’s newly launched PowerShot V10 may help accomplish that.

As a camera designed for video curation and the “smartphone natives”, it is best suited for youths, vloggers and up and coming content creators that wish not to carry bulky camera equipment around.

Here are some features of the 4K ultra-high-definition vlogging camera that stand out the most:

1. The camera is portable and ergonomic

Aspiring content creators may be familiar with the experience of feeling embarrassed when recording in public. This is usually due to the sheer size of their camera that lacks subtlety.

The PowerShot V10 might just help with this.

Measured at 9cm tall, 6.34cm long and 3.43cm wide, it is slim and of pocketable size. This means that users can slip it in and out of their jean pockets with relative ease.

While the camera weighs slightly heavier than an iPhone at 211g, its compact design makes up for the weight difference. Its ergonomic figure makes the camera comfortable to hold, use and carry around for long periods of time.

2. There is no need to carry around a tripod or microphone

In addition to its ergonomic build, the PowerShot V10 has a built-in flexible and retractable stand. It removes the hassle of finding a perch to position the camera on before pressing record, and the stand even serves as a grip for handheld shooting.

Users would also no longer have to lug a tripod around to set the video camera up on.


The built-in stand’s angle can be adjusted up to 30 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/TIANA QUEK


Should youth content creators wish to make some crispy ASMR videos, the video camera’s built-in omnidirectional microphone is capable of capturing that audio stimuli. Be it the sound of sizzling hot food in a pan or people cheering a party, the footage will not only look good but sound good as well.

3. Worry not about blurry and shaky footage

When filming on just a mobile phone, some may find their videos shaky and out of focus when moving about. With the PowerShot V10 and its Movie Digital IS (Image Stabilisation) mode, whatever is shot will be automatically stabilised and dizzy-free.

Regardless of whether users are shooting handheld or not, there would be a lack of camera shake or blur. Users can also adjust the Movie Digital IS mode’s intensity in the camera’s exposure settings.

There is a tradeoff though. In order for the function to work, the video footage will be slightly cropped in.

Aside from image stabilisation, the PowerShot V10 also offers automatic tracking through its Specified Frame AF (autofocus) mode. By tapping the AF icon on the camera screen, the mode will be activated and quickly detect a subject and its natural details and features.

Both camera modes are especially beneficial for face tracking purposes, where a user’s facial features will remain visible and clear even when moving about.

4. Your shots will look cleaner

Want the filmed content to look clean and polished? The PowerShot V10 has got it covered!

Depending on which platform the content will be posted to, the camera’s aspect markers have plenty of options for users to choose from and frame their videos with. Be it for the Instagram feed, Instagram stories or TikTok, the markers can be adjusted accordingly in the menu for the best vlogging experience.

Users also need not worry about looking unkempt or having their breakouts appear on camera, for the Smooth Skin Movie mode will conceal such blemishes and ensure that users look good.


The Smooth Skin Movie mode’s intensity can be adjusted from +1 to +5, and can be supported when live streaming or on webcam. GIF CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/TIANA QUEK


Other advantageous attributes include the PowerShot V10’s 1.0 inch sensor and Auto ND (Neutral Density) Filter that helps users capture the best possible footage even in the brightest or darkest environments. The video quality will not be deterred and can automatically adjust depending on users’ surroundings.

5. Connect with your devices conveniently

On top of the camera’s vlogging functions and quality, it has convenient connectivity and live streaming capabilities too.

While some cameras require you to transfer data using an SD card or wire, the PowerShot V10 can be linked up to the Canon Camera Connect mobile app. Through the app, users can directly transfer photos and videos to their device. The content can then be uploaded seamlessly to online platforms like Google Cloud or YouTube.

The camera can also be used for high-resolution live streaming or webcam purposes. Users can stream their content directly onto YouTube or Facebook by using the Canon Camera Connect app, while the webcam function can be turned on by simply plugging in the camera to a computer.


The webcam can support online video meetings on platforms such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Skype. PHOTO CREDITS: CANON


The Canon PowerShot V10 is priced at $609, and can be purchased on Canon Singapore’s online shop. More information about the video camera and its specifications can be found on its website.

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