5 athletes, including badminton’s Loh Kean Yew, nominated for 2023 Sportsman of the Year award

The awards will be given out at the Singapore Sports Award ceremony on Aug 23.

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Published: 3 August 2023, 4:51 PM

Last year’s Sportsman of the year Loh Kean Yew is in the running to defend his crown once again at the Singapore Sports Awards (SSA). 

The list of nominees for the awards were announced on Thursday, and Kean Yew will face competition from four others – pencak silat’s Seik Farhan Sheik Alau’ddin, swimming’s Teong Tzen Wei, fencing’s Jonathan Au Eong, and xiangqi’s Alvin Woo.

This year’s SSA presentation ceremony will take place on Aug 23. 

Organised by the Singapore National Olympic Council and Sport Singapore (SportSG), SSA is held annually to award “deserving individuals and teams” who have accomplished fruitful results in the previous year. Each main award finalist is nominated by the National Sports Association in accordance with an eligibility criteria that includes factors like the nominees’ achievements.

Kean Yew, 26, is Singapore’s highest-ranked male shuttler ever, when he rose to become the world’s number 5 player in October last year. He is currently ranked seventh in the world.

Farhan, 26, is a three-time silat world champion whose family has strong roots in the sport. He came in first at the 2023 SEA Games, making it his third consecutive SEA Games gold medal.

Jonathan, 23, took home two gold medals from the Games’ men’s foil individual and team categories.

Tzen Wei, 25, was the third Singaporean athlete to win a Commonwealth Games swimming medal in 2022. He also won one gold and two silver medals at the 2023 SEA Games.

Alvin, 39, clinched two SEA Games gold medals for the men’s blitz team and standard singles categories this year.

This year’s Sportswoman of the Year title is contested for by table tennis’ Feng Tian Wei, pencak silat’s Siti Khadijah, xiangqi’s Ngo Lan Huong, swimming’s Quah Jing Wen, bowling’s Cherie Tan, archery’s Contessa Loh and shooting’s Teh Xiu Hong. 

Jing Wen, 22, clinched a total of five gold medals for Singapore during the 2023 SEA Games, while fellow Sportswoman of the Year nominee Tian Wei, 36, claimed three gold titles in the 2022 Commonwealth Games’ table tennis women’s singles, doubles and women’s team categories.

Siti Khadijah, 22, made her SEA Games debut last year at Hanoi and competed in two other pencak silat championships in 2022.

Lan Huong, Cherie, Contessa and Xiu Hong also made notable achievements in previous renditions of the SEA Games.


Teh Xiu Hong (left) earned Singapore its first shooting gold since 2017, while Feng Tian Wei (right) won three gold medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. PHOTO CREDITS: TEAM SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE NATIONAL OLYMPIC COUNCIL


Max Lee (diving), Maximilian Maeder (sailing), Nicholas Mahabir (swimming) Aniq ‘Asri Yazid (pencak silat) and Ronan Tan (wushu) will compete for the Sportsboy of the Year award, while Elle Koh (fencing), Kassandra Ong (wushu), Colleen Pee (bowling) and Nadhrah Sahrin (pencak silat) will vie for the Sportsgirl of the Year award. 

The ice hockey men’s team, tchoukball women’s team and water polo women’s team are up for the Team of the Year honours, while Helmi Chew (bowling), Gao Ning (table tennis), Joewe Lam (ice hockey), Li Peng (diving), Sheik Alau’ddin Yacoob Marican (pencak silat), Gary Tan (swimming) and Teo Shun Xie (shooting) are up for the Coach of the Year award. 

A total of 13 awards will be given out at the SSA. The full list of categories and nominations can be found below: 

Sportsman of the Year: Loh Kean Yew (badminton), Sheik Farhan Sheik Alau’ddin (pencak silat), Jonathan Au Eong (fencing), Teong Tzen Wen (swimming), Alvin Woo (xiangqi)

Sportswoman of the Year: Feng Tianwei (table tennis), Siti Khadijah Mohamand Shahrem (pencak silat), Ngo Lan Huong (xiangqi), Quah Jing Wen (swimming), Cherie Tan Shi Hua (bowling), Contessa Loh Tze Chieh (archery), Teh Xiu Hong (shooting)

Sportsboy of the Year: Max Lee (diving), Maximillian Maeder (sailing), Nicholas Rui Karsten Mahabir (swimming), Aniq ‘Asri Mohammad Yazid (pencak silat), Ronan Tan (wushu)

Sportsgirl of the Year: Elle Koh Meihui (fencing), Kassandra Ong Xue Ling (wushu), Colleen Pee (bowling), Nadhrah Sahrin (pencak silat)

Coach of the Year: Helmi Chew Bin Adam (bowling), Gao Ning (table tennis), Joewe Lam Tat Chung (ice hockey), Li Peng (diving), Sheik Alau’ddin Yacoob Marican (pencak Silat), Gary Tan (swimming), Teo Shun Xie (shooting)

Team of the Year (Team Sport): Ice hockey men’s team, Tchoukball women’s team, Water polo women’s team

Team of the Year (Event):

Badminton mixed doubles (Team Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games) – Terry Hee, Jessica Tan Wei Han

Fencing women’s foil team (Asian Fencing Championships) – Amita Berthier, Denyse Chan, Cheung Kemei, Maxine Wong

Shooting pistol women’s team (ISSF World Cup Changwon) – Teh Xiu Hong, Teh Xiu Yi, Teo Shun Xie 

Pencak silat women’s artistic team (19th Pencak Silat World Championships) – Iffah Batrisyia Noh, Amirah Sahrin, Nur Ashikin Zulkifli

Table tennis women’s team (Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games) – Feng Tianwei, Wong Xinru, Zeng Jian, Zhou Jingyi

Sportsboy/Sportsgirl Team Of the Year (Team Sport): Ice hockey under-17 boys’ team, Softball mixed team, Tchoukball women’s team

Sportsboy/Sportsgirl Team of the Year (Event):

Bowling women’s doubles team (IBF Under 21 World Championships) – Colleen Pee, Arianne Tay Kai Lin

Fencing sabre junior women’s team (World Junior Fencing Championships) – Juliet Heng Jie Min, Heidi Loo, Teh Liang Yu

Best Sports Event of the Year (Community / Mass Participation): OCBC Cycle 2022, Standard Chartered Marathon 2022

Best Sports Event of the Year (Exhibition / Competition): FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup 2022, Singapore Smash 2022

Most Inspiring Sports Story of the Year: Sazali Abdul Aziz (The Straits’ Times), Rohit Brijnath (The Straits’ Times), Chia Han Keong (Yahoo! News Singapore), David Lee (The Straits’ Times), Lauren Ong (CNA TV)

Best Sports Photo of the Year: Abd Rahman Bujang, Joelle Chan Ming Tong, Bryan Foo, Stefanus Ian Tjhin Punan, Joseph Wong

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