4 Temasek Polytechnic students lauded for assisting injured victims in four-car collision

One of the victims was later discovered to be a Temasek Polytechnic staff.

Sarah Daud
Sarah Daud

Published: 27 October 2023, 3:38 PM

Four Temasek Polytechnic (TP) students – Adli Zainal, Marco Sim, Norvin Tan and Lycia Goh – were on a bus home after school when they heard a loud crash on Monday (Oct 23).

Realising that a speeding car had rammed into a stationary private-hire car and caused a four-vehicle chain collision just outside of the campus, the quartet did not hesitate to render assistance.

The 18-year-olds, who study at the School of Informatics and IT,  requested for the bus captain to stop so they could disembark and render their assistance.


The accident happened at the traffic lights opposite the Temasek Polytechnic campus. PHOTO CREDIT: TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC


After noticing there was still a woman in one of the cars, Adil went forward to provide help.

I ran and opened the door to see if she was okay. Fortunately, she was… but she was still shocked at what had happened and didn’t know what to do,” Adli recounted.

As the car had begun leaking oil, Adli calmly informed the passenger to leave the vehicle. After escorting the victim to the grass verge, Marco called for the ambulance.

While awaiting for the arrival of paramedics, Lycia ensured the safety of the victims and made sure there were no serious casualties from the collision while Norvin safeguarded the belongings of the victims that were brought over to him.

Lycia said: “I was quite shocked (to witness the car crash) but… as it concerned people’s lives, and it is really important to ensure the safety of anyone.”

It was later revealed that the injured passenger in the private hire car was Gail Goodenough, the Assistant Director, Academic & Student Development and Course Chair for Apparel Design & Merchandising at TP.

As a form of recognition for their act of kindness and to inspire other students, TP presented the four students with Certificates of Commendation on Thursday (Oct 26).


The students were surprised with the certificates in their classrooms. PHOTO CREDIT: TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC


Gail suffered from minor injuries to her tailbone and torso, and has since been discharged.

“It is very rare to find a group of teenagers who would go out of their way to help. I am deeply grateful for their assistance,” said Gail.

When asked what made them decide to leave the bus to help, Norvin shared: “I felt that it was the right thing to do and that if I was in the same predicament, I would also want someone to help”.

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