3 reasons you should try out tinsel hair

The glitter tinsel hair extension trend has been making its rounds on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Harshiyne Maran

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Published: 28 April 2022, 5:48 PM

These days, as soon as my back is turned, I get bombarded with the question: “Is there confetti in your hair?” 

I would like to clarify that no, there is no leftover confetti from a party in my hair. The glittery strands that seem to make my hair glint under the sunlight are known as tinsel hair, which are colourful strands that can be attached to the hair, similar to hair extensions. 

Originally a beauty trend from the 90s, it is now making a comeback on social media, with hair tinsel videos racking up 211 million views on TikTok alone (at the time of writing).


The shimmery strands have also gotten the seal of approval from celebrities like Katy Perry and Megan Thee Stallion. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@KATYPERRY, INSTAGRAM/@THEESTALLION


It has been likened to being the “PG version of dyeing your hair” as the strands are not permanent and yet, are able to give your hair a pop of colour, much like hair dye.

With that, here are three reasons why you should give these sparkly strands a try:

1. Easy to DIY

The tinsel hair look is relatively easy to recreate at home. All that’s needed is a packet of strands and perhaps a hair extension set (inclusive of pliers and micro link beads) if you are not so confident with your hands. 

Once the materials have been gathered, you can look to TikTok for guidance with many tutorials under the #hairtinsel tag. 

One such tutorial by creator @sieling.j breaks down the process of tying the tinsel pieces to the hair strands step-by-step, with text detailing the instructions onscreen for viewers to follow along.

2. It’s affordable

In comparison to dyeing your hair which can burn a major hole in your pocket, tinsel hair extensions are much more wallet-friendly. 

Depending on the types of tinsel strands you choose, a pack of 100 multi-coloured strands on Shopee will cost you $1.20 while strands from established companies such as Althea Korea cost $11.

A hair extension kit, though not necessary, is also available for $5 on Lazada.

The strands itself already costs much less than box dye that retails for around $10. 


There are also a number of salons in Singapore that offer tinsel hair extension services such as The Lash Chapter. PHOTO CREDIT: AMAZON.SG


And if you do decide to get it professionally done at a salon, most places offer such services for below $100. Professional salons like The Lash Chapter offer 10 to 30 strands for a price range of $30 to $75. 

In comparison, dyeing your hair at a salon would cost you triple the price for one session, not including products needed for aftercare.

Overall, tinsel hair proves itself to be a cheap alternative to dyeing your hair for the same intended effect: a way to spice up your overall aesthetic.

3. Get to experiment with different colours

Many of us love to switch up our looks from time to time to be on top of trends. However, colouring one’s hair comes with many considerations. Will the bleach destroy my hair? What happens if I don’t like how the colour turns out? 

If you have such qualms about making a commitment to dyeing your hair, then tinsel strands would be the perfect alternative to take away all of that stress. 

The strands come in all sorts of colours so possibilities are endless! 

You could create a rainbow look by attaching a variety of strands in multi-coloured hues to your hair or simply switch it up the next day with a single-coloured look. 

Furthermore, it can simply be snipped off with scissors if you do not like the colour anymore or concealed by tying your hair up if you need to look professional for school or work. 

All in all, the tinsel hair trend seems to be one that is very friendly for youths as an outlet of self expression

So, take this as your sign to try out the craziest looks to your heart’s content!

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