26 Korean words have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary

The Korean wave continues to ripple on the sea of English words.

Amanda Tan

Skills include buying the same jeans in different colours.

Published: 7 October 2021, 12:54 PM

From hit shows like Squid Game, Parasite and Train To Busan, to global K-pop sensations like BTS and BLACKPINK, it’s safe to say that the Korean wave — or rather, Hallyu — has taken the world by storm. 

Seeing how Korean culture has made a mark on the world, the Oxford English Dictionary has recently added 26 Korean words, signifying how influential and frequently used these words are among English speakers.

These 26 words include typical Korean dishes such as kimchi, bulgogi, kimbap, banchan, dongchimi, galbi, japchae, samgyeopsal and even chimaek, which is a term coined by combining the words chikin (fried chicken) and maekju (beer). 

Fun fact: This delicious food combination was actually popularised outside of South Korea by the well-loved K-drama, My Love from the Star.


In the comedy series, Cheon Song Yi (right) often indulges in chimaek when she’s upset. PHOTO CREDIT: SBS


PC bang, manhwa, mukbang, oppa, unni, skinship and aegyo are also some of the other interesting words that have been added to the dictionary recently.

Now all you Koreaboos — I mean, Korean culture lovers — can rejoice for people can no longer shame you for using expressions like daebak and fighting! After all, it’s Konglish.

Interested in expanding your vocabulary? You can view the full list here.

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