2023 NDP Pack comes in four different artworks; co-created by 21 artists with disabilities

Each pack will feature a different design.

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Published: 15 June 2023, 4:29 PM

The 2023 NDP Packs will feature four different artworks, co-created by 25 artists and student volunteers. 

It is part of a partnership between the NDP 2023 Executive Committee and SG Enable, and 140 art pieces created by the artists and student volunteers were combined into the four designs that convey their feelings and hopes for Singapore.

Among the 25 that contributed towards the NDP Pack artworks, 21 are artists with disabilities from Social Service Agencies (SSA) and Special Education schools. Their contributions showcase inclusivity and the “commitment to strengthen Singapore’s social fabric”, according to NDP 2023 Executive Committee Chairman Colonel Terence Ho.

This also aligns with this year’s NDP theme “Onward as One”, which calls on Singaporeans to be united and confidently move towards the nation’s future together.

Each pack – which will be given to spectators attending the NE Shows, NDP previews and the National Day Parade itself on Aug 9 – will feature one of the four designs.

Those with tickets to the Heartland Celebrations on Aug 5 and 6 will also receive a pack.

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The first design is titled “Diversity”, and is resemblant of the map of Singapore. 

It showcases the various communities and landmarks like the Merlion and Gardens by the Bay that make up Singapore’s society. The artwork is meant to “symbolise unity amidst diversity” and have viewers “appreciate the richness and complexity of Singapore’s cultural tapestry”.

It was co-created by Esmond Kang Xiang Xi from MINDS Woodlands Gardens School,  Nurasyruah Mohd Noran from MINDS Towner Gardens School, Zenneth Chua Xiang Yee from MINDS Fernvale Gardens School, Ken Alfarizqi Backsin from Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School, Chua Song Yang from Eden School, and SG Enable volunteer and Nanyang Polytechnic student Justine Anne Yeo Jia Lynn.


The design showcases things that Singapore is iconic for, such as its public transportation, diversity, landmarks and housing. Image issued by NDP 2023 EXCO


The second design, “Fabric of Singapore”, is decorated with traditional and modern motifs that circle around a little red dot. 

Modern landmarks like the Esplanade and the ArtScience Museum are featured in the artwork as well. The artwork visualises Singapore’s “unity, resilience and commitment to preserving its cultural heritage while embracing progress”.

Five artists with disabilities – Nur Aleesya Abdullah from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, Siti Nur Halidah Bte Jamaludin from MINDS IDEA Employment Development Centre,  Koh Jia Ming Jermyn from TOUCH Community Services, Sri Ramachandran Vijayan from Lighthouse School and Mark Rojan Montenergo Tupas from Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School; – helped create the design, alongside SG Enable volunteer and LASALLE College of the Arts student Jordan Chang Shan Jern.


The combination of modern and traditional motifs symbolises how Singapore has developed and progressed over its long history. Image issued by NDP 2023 EXCO


The third design is named “Connectedness” and takes after Singapore’s iconic MRT map. 

The criss-cross lines represent Singapore’s extensive transport system network, while the bubbles emphasise on the country being a global transportation hub.

This artwork was made by five artists with disabilities – Ethan Oh En Kai from APSN Chaoyang School, Muhammad Rizq Daniyal Muhammad Lutfi from Grace Orchard School, Aeden Wan Chee Yu from APSN Tanglin School, Tan Gin Long from Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School,  Chong Chia How from St. Andrew’s Autism School – and SG Enable volunteer and Nanyang Polytechnic student Dao Thu Hien.


The four arrows point out Singapore’s desire to connect with other parts of the world through transportation. Image issued by NDP 2023 EXCO


The fourth and final design, “Blooming Singapore”, is pieced together in the form of Singapore’s national flower Vanda Miss Joachim. 

Each petal reflects the country’s “cultural richness, diversity and ever-evolving landscapes”, and come with designs inspired by Braille dots that signify how accessible Singapore is for people with visual impairments.

It was co-created by Lin Chunru from Down Syndrome Association Singapore, Muhammad Fadhil Abdul Jalil from Metta Welfare Association,  Katy Lim Heng Peng from Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, Lim Kay Choong from Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), Ang Wei Lun from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, Joy Koh from ART:DIS, and SG Enable volunteer and Nanyang Polytechnic student Alandy Daniel Isaac Pinga.


The heart shape in the middle of the artwork symbolises how Singapore has a unified and harmonious society. Image issued by NDP 2023 EXCO


This is the fourth time that the NDP Executive Committee has collaborated with SG Enable to craft artwork made by people with disabilities for the NDP packs, with the previous few being featured on NDP collaterals before.

More details about NDP 2023 can be found on its website.

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