15 youths awarded Singapore Sustainability Scholarship; awardees to pursue further studies in related fields

The scholarship identifies and nurtures those keen in tackling challenges posed by climate change, energy efficiency, water resources and food security in Singapore.

Dini Qistina Binte Ali

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Published: 25 July 2023, 10:07 AM

A total of 15 youths were awarded the Singapore Sustainability Scholarship (SSS) on Monday (Jul 24).

The scholarship – jointly offered by the National Environment Agency (NEA), national water agency PUB, and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) – identifies and nurtures those who are keen to tackle the challenges posed by climate change, energy efficiency, water resources and food security in Singapore.

This year, there are four NEA scholarship recipients, six PUB scholarship recipients, and five SFA scholarship recipients. Since its inception in 2008, a total of 239 scholarships have been awarded.

Recipients of the SSS are offered opportunities to pursue their studies in engineering, environmental, food and science-related disciplines in either a local or overseas university, or polytechnic. Upon graduation, they will begin their careers with the NEA, PUB, or SFA.

Saadhana Ramesh, one of the NEA scholarship recipients, will pursue a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). 

The 19-year-old shared that she has long viewed science as a “fascinating domain” and discovered a genuine affinity for the research process. Her family’s early encouragement towards environmental stewardship further kindled her commitment to preserving natural ecosystems.

“I really look forward to making a difference in the environmental sustainability sector, both in Singapore and the world at large,” she said.

The scholarships were awarded by Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu. She also presented certificates to 13 in-service scholars from the three agencies in recognition of their commitment to enhance their skills and professional expertise.

In-service scholarships are part of the agencies’ efforts to foster a skilled and future forward-workforce that possess the relevant knowledge to tackle the increasing demands of sustainable development.

All the three agencies offer both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships under the SSS. Both undergraduates and fresh graduates will be given the opportunity to pursue a mid-term and Master’s scholarship.

NEA focuses on environmental-related domains such as environmental engineering, environmental science, environmental management, as well as sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and meteorology. 

PUB focuses on engineering disciplines, including civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering, as well as environmental and natural sciences.

As for the SFA, it focuses on sciences such as agricultural and aquacultural sciences, chemistry, and food science.

Other NEA scholarship recipients include 19-year-old Charmaine Tan, 19-year-old Viktor Loh, and 21-year-old Jonas Chia. They are set to further their education in environmental studies, physics, and ecology and environmental biology respectively.

As for PUB’s scholarship recipients, they are 19-year-old Ang Nian Ci, 19-year-old Jayne Peh, 19-year-old Yek Wen Bin, 19-year-old Chloe Sim, 21-year-old Tan Shi Xi Angel, and 23-year-old Arun Raghavendren. They are set to pursue engineering, geography, civil engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering respectively.

SFA’s scholarship recipients include 19-year-old Phua Jia Xin Amy, 19-year-old Tan Hong Rong Felix, 21-year-old Feng Jianguo, 23-year-old Tan Jie Quan, and 32-year-old Jillinda Toh. They will pursue further education in food science and nutrition, biotechnology, chemistry, life science and nutrition, and food science and technology respectively.

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