14 establishments and 74 individuals penalised for breaching safe management measures

Safe management measures to increase in order to reduce risk of community transmission.

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Published: 4 May 2021, 1:37 PM

Stepped-up enforcement checks by government agencies have penalised a total of 14 F&B premises and 74 individuals for not complying with safe management measures (SMMs), according to a statement released by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) on Tuesday (May 4)

Four F&B establishments were ordered to close, while 10 other F&B outlets and 11 individuals were issued composition fines. 63 other individuals were fined for breaching SMMs in public parks and beaches.

Four premises ordered to close and nine individuals fined

The four premises that were forced to close included two clubs, a pub, and one restaurant, which were all repeat offenders.

Club Peaches at Orchard Road Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall had allowed gatherings of over eight people, and failed to minimise interaction between staff and customers.

As the establishment was previously ordered to close for 20 days in February, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) issued an order requiring the operator to close for 30 days from May 3 to Jun 1. Nine of the customers were issued fines of $300 each.

Alive @ SG Pub at Lucky Plaza was ordered to close for 20 days from May 1 to May 20, after being previously ordered to close for 10 days in April.

COVID-19 regulations restrict F&B establishments from providing games, but the pub allowed customers to play dice games on Apr 30.

Tangmen Restaurant at Orchard Plaza served alcohol to customers past 10:30pm on Apr 30, causing their closure for 20 days from May 1 to May 20. They were also previously ordered to close for 10 days in December 2020.

Club Empire at Orchard Road was forced to close for 10 days from May 2 to May 11, after allowing customers to intermingle between different groups.

Fines issued to 10 outlets and two individuals

Eight F&B outlets were fined $1,000 each for seating groups of customers less than a metre apart, playing videos for customers, and providing dice games to play. Two other outlets were fined $2,000 each for repeated offences of seating groups of customers less than one metre apart from each other.

At Tekka Centre, two individuals were fined $300 each for not wearing a mask despite not consuming food or drinks, even after repeated warnings from enforcement officers.

63 individuals were also fined for not complying with SMMs when visiting public parks and beaches on May 1 and 2.

The breaches include gathering in groups of more than eight, and entering areas closed off to members of the public.

Measures to reduce risk of community transmission

The 26 public premises visited by cases part of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) cluster during their suspected infectious period have undergone deep cleaning and disinfection, closely monitored by officers from the National Environment Agency (NEA).

In line with tighter precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community, businesses and premises owners are reminded to step up their cleaning standards and implement good hygiene measures, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning areas with high contact points, and strictly abiding by SMMs.

Individuals are also encouraged to be socially responsible, and check visitorship levels and latest advisories of frequently visited public places such as parks. The Safe Distance @ Parks portal can be checked for the latest updates on visitorship levels.

With resurgent waves of COVID-19 infections in other countries, everyone in Singapore is encouraged to remain socially responsible in order to keep community cases low.

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