10 unorthodox hacks that will have you snoozing like a baby

Having trouble sleeping at night? Here are some tips that will make falling asleep a breeze.

Reuben Dhanaraj

Published: 9 July 2015, 12:00 AM

Sleep is by far the most important factor in revitalising our bodies, and it plays a huge role in determining our moods throughout the day. Discipline aside, many of us (myself included) sometimes find it tedious to fall asleep at night.

Fret no longer, because those sleepless nights are about to come to an end. Here are 10 unorthodox snooze hacks that will have you on your way to dreamland in no time!


1. Breathing through a single nostril.

Lie on your left side, place one finger on your right nostril, and breathe in through your left. This helps to slow your breathing and heartbeat. Just do not do this when you have a blocked nose!

2. Rolling your eyes.

Shut your eyes, and roll them gently behind closed eyelids. This helps to imitate the actual movement of your eyes just before you fall asleep, and will have you feeling a tad drowsy before long.

3. Cold showers.

Contrary to popular belief, try taking a cold shower instead of a hot one just before bed, considering how we live in such a hot climate. The cool water will lower your body temperature, and have you sleeping like a log.


Keeping it cool is your ticket to dreamland
Photo credit: Flickr.com/GFairChild


4. Applying pressure.

Ready your index finger and thumb, place them in a pinching position on your nose bridge just slightly lower than eye level and then apply gentle pressure. Remember to breathe deeply while pressing down.

5. Making circles.

Position yourself face-up on the bed (facing the ceiling), and then begin to make circles with either hand on your stomach. Slowly make the circle bigger while rubbing in the same direction, and then retrace the circles in the opposite direction, making the circles smaller.

6. Imagination.

Make up a place in your mind where the sun, birds, flowers and smell of the breeze are in absolute harmony. Slowly explore this place in your mind and the calm will soon carry you off to sleep.


Take a walk along a lovely beach and breathe in the scenery in your mind.
Photo credit: Flickr.com/ShashChatter


7. Toe-curling.

Curl your toes, squeezing them for a good 10 seconds and then release. Not only does this help with relaxing the muscles in your body, it also acts as a good stress-reliever, making it one of the better techniques.

8. Aromatherapy.

Have a scented candle in the corner of your room, or anything in particular that gives off a smell that you find calming or relaxing… just not plastic or rubber please!

9. Caffeine-free herbal beverages.

A cup of chamomile tea usually does the trick for me. The fun in this is that you can experiment, so the next time you go to the supermarket, look out for the various non-caffeinated tea-bags on sale. Avoid coffee no matter what!


The soothing aroma and blend of herbal goodness eradicates sleepless nights


10. Sing yourself a lullaby… because why not?

Weird as it sounds, our voices tend to become soothing and calming for our minds and bodies. You do not have to go full screamo, but a soft croon-gradually-turn-hum should do the trick.

Final Word

It is important to note that some of us suffer from more acute sleeplessness, better known as insomnia. If following these tips does not help, it is better to talk it out with your family doctor and seek help. Remember, sleep is a need, not a want!

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