10 unique mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

Spend quality time with the family and feast on these delights.

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Published: 27 August 2021, 1:31 PM

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, which takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar, falls on Sep 21.

The festival, which happens during the time of the year when the moon is at its brightest, symbolises prosperity and reunion for the whole family. Families would gather to eat mooncakes, as it expresses love and best wishes for loved ones.

In recent years, artisanal and modern spins on mooncakes have been made to bring something new to the table.

Here are 10 unique mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn festival.

1. Star Wars mooncakes

These mooncakes are the perfect gift for fans of Star Wars and that cute little Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda! Based on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, Home’s Favourites has launched two Mandalorian-themed mooncakes sets.

“The Mandalorian” and the “Grogu” sets come with two snowskin top-grade mao shan wang durian mooncakes placed in tins. It also comes with a cooler bag.


Choose between a mooncake of Grogu sitting on a pod or a mooncake of The Mandalorian Symbol. PHOTO CREDIT: HOME’S FAVOURITE


Each set costs $47.60. You can get it here.

2. Mala chicken floss mooncakes

The Mala chicken floss is part of a mooncake set made by Birds Of A Feather, a restaurant that specialises in contemporary Sichuan cuisine.

The mala mooncake is packed with sichuan spices that leave a mild spicy taste in your tongue that would enhance the salted egg yolk in the mooncake. The savouriness of the chicken floss will also add an additional texture as you bite into it.

The set comes in a box of four featuring two flavours. The other flavour is single yolk macadamia nuts with low sugar white lotus paste.


The mooncakes are placed in a black tin with intricate gold illustrations of birds and nature in harmony. PHOTO CREDIT: BIRDS OF A FEATHER


You can order them for pick-up or delivery on their website.

3. Drip-painted chocolate mooncakes

Try out these funky drip-painted chocolate mooncakes by Janice Wong. She was awarded Asia’s Best Pastry Chef San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best for 2013 & 2014 and these chocolate mooncakes have been their signature mooncake since it’s launch.

The mooncakes are set on a base of chocolate sponge cake and are coated in chocolate with colourful paint-splatter designs.

There are a total of four flavours – caramelised sea salt pecan dark chocolate, coconut vanilla biscoff, coffee chocolate and peanut butter.


The mooncakes come in a tin of eight chocolate mooncakes, with two pieces of each flavour. PHOTO CREDIT: JANICE WONG ONLINE


The box of eight mooncakes cost $98, but there is currently an early bird discount of 25 per cent until Aug 30. You can get them here.

4. Minion mooncakes

The international favourite Hong Kong MX Mooncakes have teamed up with everyone’s beloved Minions for two mooncake sets featuring Dave and Stuart.

Both minion sets come with four mooncakes. There are two flavours available – purple sweet potato mooncakes for Dave’s set and lace lotus seed paste mooncakes for Stuart’s.

The pair also dons goggles that lights up, which can be a nice keepsake in the room to act as  mini night-light.


Both flavours of mooncakes are embossed with the faces of a one-eyed minion. PHOTO CREDIT: HKMX PRODUCTS SG


You can get your hands on these limited edition Minions-themed mooncakes at selected Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, 7 Eleven outlets or from the Hong Kong MX’s Singapore website.

5. Keto mooncakes

If you’re on a diet or have dietary restrictions, fret not! The Goodness Eats’ Keto Mooncakes would allow you to enjoy mooncakes guilt free.

These mooncakes are made without flour and sugar, and are low carb keto and diabetic friendly.

Flavours include lotus with yolk, almond with yolk, black sesame with yolk, ondeh ondeh, matcha black sesame, matcha cheese, hojicha cheese and chocolate truffles.

The mooncakes come in boxes of four, six and eight mooncakes. A box of four comes with only one flavour, while the box of six and eight comes with a variety of flavours.


Enjoy these Keto Mooncakes that are handmade in The Goodness Eats’ kitchen. PHOTO CREDIT: GOODNESS EATS


Order these keto mooncakes on their website and get them delivered to your doorstep or collect it yourself at their store.

6. Rainbow lapis mooncakes

Speciality kueh lapis store The Lapis Place is back this year with their rainbow snowskin mooncake.

This year, The Lapis Place has made the mooncake into a bigger size so you enjoy more of the rainbow-coloured kueh lapis encased with rainbow snowskin.

Apart from the rainbow snowskin mooncake, there are also other unique snowskin flavours like hazelnut chocolate, black sesame and even pineapple yuzu.


Indulge in the colourful rainbow layers of the rainbow snowskin mooncake. PHOTO CREDIT: THE LAPIS PLACE


The mooncakes come in boxes of two or four and you can purchase the exclusive mooncake on their website here.

7. Sanrio mooncakes

Calling all Sanrio fans! Cheers and Fairprice Xpress have launched My Melody and Hello Kitty-themed mooncake sets.

The My Melody set comes with a lunch bag and includes a chocolate lotus caramel lava and pandan lotus mango lava that oozes molten lava.

The Hello Kitty set comes in a collector’s box featuring Hello Kitty and friends for it’s design and comes in four flavours – bamboo charcoal white lotus salted egg lava, durian lotus musang king lava, white lotus double yolks and pandan lotus single yolk.


These themed mooncake sets are available for an early bird discount price of $58.80 for the My Melody set and $79.90 for the Hello Kitty set, valid till Sep 8. PHOTO CREDIT: Cheers and FairPrice Xpress


There’s even a third set – Sanrio Odyssey Music Box, that has four mooncakes and six pieces of postcards and envelopes in a wind-up music box.

8. Rabbit mochi mooncakes

Oh my mochi is a small local business that focuses on handcrafted mochi, and for the Mid-Autumn festival, they have created mochi mooncakes in the shape of a cute rabbit.

It comes in a box of eight, comprising two red bean, matcha milk, hojicha milk and one baileys choco and strawberry milk flavours each.

Apart from the rabbit shape, designs also consist of two rabbits on a moon and a dango design in the box.


So instead of traditional mooncakes, you can bite into a soft and chewy mochi skin. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/_OHMYMOCHI


The box of eight costs $88 and you can get them through their website here.

9. Harry Potter mooncakes

In partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products, Awfully Chocolate has released the world’s first ever official Harry Potter mooncake collection.

There are two sets available: The Harry Potter mooncake chest and the Harry Potter Collector’s edition. Both sets come in a vintage red velvet chest with a set of four Hogwarts House tins with a mooncake each inside.

Gryffindor is represented by the red yam lotus single yolk flavoured mooncake, Hufflepuff is represented by pumpkin white lotus mooncake with double yolk, Ravenclaw is represented by blue pea pu-er lotus with melon seeds mooncake and Slytherin is represented by matcha black sesame mooncake with black and white sesame seeds.


The only difference is that the Collector’s set has four Hogwarts House ceramic plates to pair with the mooncakes. PHOTO CREDIT: AWFULLY CHOCOLATE


Potterheads can purchase these sets for a wizarding Mid-Autumn festival from the awfully chocolate website here.

10. Galaxy glazed mooncake

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous limited edition galaxy glazed mooncakes by Rachelrax Cakes.

The galaxy mooncakes come in boxes of four that are standard size of 7cm while the boxes of eight that are mini size of 4cm.

Flavours include lotus with salted egg, honey purple sweet potato lotus with taro, yuzu lotus with lemon curd and black sesame lotus with white sesame peanut.

The box the mooncakes come in resembles a book. When you open it, it reveals the mooncakes individually encased in a plastic, making for a unique experience.


Instead of traditional or snowskin mooncakes these galaxy mooncakes have a mousse-like texture. PHOTO CREDIT: RACHEL RAX CAKES


You can get these aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy mooncakes on their website here.

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