10 things our parents will never understand about our generation

Please mind the generation gap.

Kristen Lazarte

Published: 16 May 2016, 9:29 AM

Don’t you hate it when parents tell you things like: “Back in my day…”? As much as we love them, they frustrate us when they can’t seem to see things the way we millennials do. Here are the 10 things that parents just can’t understand about generation Y.

1. We love procrastinating


Our parents just don’t understand why we procrastinate so much. (In all honesty, I don’t think we do, either.) They just don’t understand how annoying it is to have to change the flow of things, just to get ONE thing done.

I don’t want to get off the bed just to put my clothes away, ok? I’ll do it later!

2. Our “addiction” to our phones


They seem to have this notion that we’re obsessed with our phones, and take every opportunity to fault the phone as though it stole our love away from our parents. We’re not addicted; our phones are just more entertaining than almost everything else!

3. The insane embarrassment of liking someone’s old picture on social media whilst stalking

They don’t know the heart attack of accidentally double-tapping that old photo while stalking someone on Instagram, and they don’t know why I feel I should drown myself or flee the country after doing so.

#Firstworldproblems at its finest, and of course parents are just like: “Don’t be an idiot.”

4. We record our lives too much

Especially when they catch us taking a selfie, or pictures of food, or the really funny thing that just happened that will be going up on Instagram/Snapchat.

My phone has the capacity of holding 62GB of pictures, Mum. Why waste it?

5. Modern-day abbreviations and ‘nonsensical words’


This video describes exactly how hard it is to explain things to our parents.

Swag, YOLO, on fleek, WTF, LOL, thot, rachet, dope, bae…The list goes on, and so do their questions about the meaning of these words.

6. Constantly evolving social media platforms

Mum: “What is Snapchat?”

Me: “Err… It’s just people taking short videos.”

Mum: “Young people really have nothing to do.”

7. Our “warped” fashion sense

No she doesn’t look like a HOBO, Mum! Photo Credit: WENDYVANSOEST.COM

They’re constantly questioning our ripped jeans and cropped tops and ankle-baring pants, and asking why we can’t just wear “proper” clothes.

8. Vibrant hair colours/trends

It’s horrifying for them to see us with dark eyebrows and brightly coloured hair, or with a side shave, because they think we will regret it and that it looks so ugly.

Their generation had super shaggy hair and puffy beehives, and they judge us? Sigh.

9. They think we’re exaggerating about everything


“No, you don’t have depression; you just need to pray more.”

“Stop overreacting; just because you don’t have likes on your post doesn’t mean everyone hates you.”

“No you’re not bleeding profusely, that’s such a small cut.”

10. Our aversion to talking on the phone

Mum: “You know that if you call her instead of continuously texting her, you can actually save more time?”

Me: “Mum, if I call her I won’t know what to say! How can I think so quickly?”

All things said, I still love you, Mum and Dad. <3 Please don’t turn off my Wi-Fi.

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