10 Korean fashion online websites that will leave you spoilt for choices

From sporty to girly to office lounge wear, there is definitely something for everyone.

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Published: 16 November 2020, 11:22 AM

Calling all K-fashion fanatics! 

We’ve compiled a list of websites with affordable and trendy pieces so you can feel like your favourite K-drama female lead with an enviable wardrobe. 

These websites also ship internationally so you don’t have to worry about shipping being inconvenient. 

1. Chuu

For those whose style is more cute and girly, you’d probably want to take a look at what Chuu has to offer. They have pieces with puff sleeves, lace, crochet, flowery prints, pleats and many more, so you can add a feminine touch to any outfit. 


If you’re a huge denim lover, you’ll be pleased to know that the popular jeans brand -5KG Jeans is on Chuu! PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ CHUU_OFFICIAL


Beyond clothes, Chuu also offers a wide selection of accessories and lifestyle items, with everything from face masks to Barbie cushions.

2. Mixxmix

Besides their own label, Mixxmix is home to many other brands such as HIDE, Heart Club and Lonely club. From sporty to feminine designs, one can definitely find something that suits their own unique style. 

There is also a K-pop section where you can find the pieces worn by your favourite K-pop idols. 


Now you can cop these clothing items to match your favorite idols! PHOTO CREDIT: MIXXMIX


3. Stylenanda

You probably already know Stylenanda unless you’re living under a rock! This is everyone’s favourite go-to place when it comes to K-fashion and beauty. 

Stylenanda is known for their unique and one of a kind outerwear and accessories. They also have skincare and makeup products from the popular K-beauty brand, 3CE. 


Stylenanda is a great site to visit when you need some inspo on what to wear. PHOTO CREDIT: STYLENANDA


However, it is a bit pricier compared to the rest of the stores listed. 

4. Dark Victory

As its name suggests, Dark Victory is not your typical girly, soft and cute K-fashion store. 

While you’ll still be able to find K-fashion staples here, their items lean towards the edgy, badass grunge aesthetic. 


If you’re looking to switch up your soft-girl aesthetic, you might want to check Dark Victory out. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ DARKVICTORY_OFFICIAL


5. Dabagirl

Dabagirl‘s style leans towards the mature and professional side which makes it suitable for office workers. 

They have lots of coats, pants and accessories that are dainty and not too over the top. Despite their items being a little more office loungy, they carry a hint of femininity so you can still show off your feminine side. 


You know what they say, dress to impress right? PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ DABAGIRL_KR


6. Moco Bling

Moco Bling offers a mix of pastel and neutral coloured korean fashion staples. They carry four brands – Ilovemoco, Mocodenim, Mocostreet and Mocoisland. 


Like Chuu and Dabagirl, Moco Bling offers many feminine pieces, perfect for those with the soft-girl aesthetic. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ MOCOBLING_OFFICIAL


They also have their own beauty line, Herci, offering products from lipsticks to cheek blushers. 


Moco Bling has you covered from top to bottom! PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ MOCOBLING_OFFICIAL


7. Blackup

If you’re someone who dresses depending on your mood for the day, you’ll love Blackup

They offer items from a wide range of styles and aesthetics. From minimalist to hypebae to E-girl, there is definitely something for everyone. They also offer unisex wear so men can shop from Blackup as well. 


Blackup is pretty similar to Dark Victory in terms of aesthetic and style. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/ BLACKUP_KR


The review section is also really helpful for those who’d like more information before making a purchase. 

8. Jogunshop

If you’re looking for clothes that will make you look like a korean oppa, Jogunshop is the perfect place for you.

They offer items that are very youthful, minimalistic and neutral toned, giving off pretty boy vibes.


Their items are more suited for casual settings like going for a coffee run or heading to brunch. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT VIA JOGUNSHOP


It’s time to channel your inner oppa and steal hearts! 

9. Common Unique

One way to describe the style of clothes sold on Common Unique is feminine casual.


Do note that the site prices are in USD. And while a little more on the pricier side, their reviews assure quality. PHOTO CREDIT: COMMON UNIQUE


If you’re a fan of knits, you’ll be able to find fashionable knitwear including tops, cardigans and vests.

They even offer a Celebrity’s Pick section where you can browse their clothing item collection collaborated with various k-celebrities including members from BLACKPINK, solo artist IU, and many more notable idols.

10. Yesstyle

Although based in Hong Kong, Yesstyle does not fall short on K-fashion pieces. 

Like Hi Korean Fashion, Yesstyle not only has a wide array of K-fashion pieces, they also offer cosmetics, home decor and many more.


With authentic korean brands such as Style Man and Seoul Homme, you’ll be looking like an oppa in no time! PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT VIA YESSTYLE


Shopping is also made easy with filters at the side of the page for you to shop according to colour, price range or style. 

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