10 homegrown brands to support at A Christmas Extravaganza @ Design Orchard

The event will run till Jan 4, 2023.

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Published: 22 November 2022, 5:29 PM

If you are looking for Christmas gifts this year-end holiday season, you are in luck! From now to Jan 4, 2023, the Singapore Fashion Council will host A Christmas Extravaganza Pop-up at Design Orchard, showcasing a curated selection of homegrown brands. 

The pop-up will feature seven gifting and experiential zones where visitors can browse for fragrances, apparel, food, pet accessories, trinkets and more. 

Here are 10 local brands you can look out for when visiting A Christmas Extravaganza @ Design Orchard:

1. Humble Bow

To reflect the importance of togetherness, fun and love, Singaporean brand Humble Bow will sell a line of homemade and handmade accessories at the event. 


Humble Bow was a product due to the realisation of the importance of togetherness and celebration of vibrant colours that spark joy. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Accessories from the Humble Bow range from $12.90 to $18.90.

2. Singapore Memories

Singapore Memories’ quest to define Singaporean products and search for the best aromatic plants has led them to discover native orchids in Singapore with scent notes that can be used in perfumes. 


Singapore Memories aims to present consumers with a refined, elegant and memorable collection of perfumes and room fragrances. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Scents at Singapore Memories range from $30 to $160. 

3. Pinch Ceramics Studio

Founder of Pinch Ceramics Studio, Tricia, was inspired by the relationship between earth, food and our hands when creating her one-of-a-kind clay projects. 


The coloured glazes are made from natural materials found from the earth. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Tricia shaped every item from Pinch Ceramics Studio in a studio based in Singapore. The items range from $28.40 to $80.25. 

4. Singapore Airlines

The Career Collection designed by Singapore Airlines is made with upcycled life vests.

The collection includes a Lifesaver Zip Pouch, a Runway Shopper Tote, a Highflyer Messenger Bag and an Altitude Traveller Bag. 


Each design is a limited-edition collectible. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Prices for the collection range from $51.40 to $179.80. 

5. Boxgreen

Healthy snacking can be made possible this holiday season with Boxgreen’s snacks, teas and chocolates made with natural ingredients from around the world. 


Boxgreen aims to build a sustainable business by sourcing responsibly, hiring and giving back to the community. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


A portion of their proceeds is also used to help empower ex-offenders through training programmes and employment opportunities.

Their products range from $19.40 to $51.50.


BYKURAHOME encourages the end of disposable culture, through their sustainable products. 


Their range of everyday sustainable alternatives aims to help consumers reduce plastic waste. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


BYKURAHOME’s products range from $17.05 to $24.50. 

7. Boss and Olly

Homegrown brand Boss and Olly are known for their crafted accessories tailored to every pet owner’s individual needs.


The brand was started by Geri, when her hand-dyed, braided cotton rope dog leashes gained the attention of other pet-owners. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Their all-new line of ready-to-order accessories focuses on versatility and incorporates some of their customers’ most highly requested features. 

Pet accessories from Boss and Olly range from $19.30 to $88. 

8. Gentle Pup

Gentle Pup is committed to providing pet owners with accessories that are safe, easy-to-wear and comfortable.


Gentle Pup has their original range of accessories and gear that aims to be fun and comfortable. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Products from the Gentle Pup range from $9.65 to $40. 

9. The Animal Project

Social enterprise The Animal Project (TAP) celebrates the abilities of their artists with special needs by curating quality lifestyle products from their artworks.


TAP enables artists to earn income from every product sold. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


Apart from providing persons with special needs with employment opportunities, 50 per cent of TAP’s net profits are used to support inclusion initiatives and celebrate the abilities of the special needs community.

Their products range from $6 to $35. 

10. Tumadi Traditional Batik Painting

Want to try your hand at batik painting? You can do so with Tumadi Traditional Batik Painting’s DIY sets. 


Founder Mr. Tumadi has been a batik artist for close to 40 years. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE FASHION COUNCIL


The DIY artistic pieces in the set come hand waxed, so recipients can dive straight into colouring them.

Their products range from $16 to $500. 

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