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10 gift ideas for every type of couple this Valentine’s Day

From DIY presents to gifts perfect for long-distance couples, these out-of-the-box ideas are sure to satisfy every type of couple!

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 4 February 2022, 2:14 PM

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. 

While spending money on gifts for each other is definitely not a necessity in a relationship, some of us may want to show extra appreciation to our significant others through it — and what better occasion to do it than on the day of love? 

If you’re getting a gift for your significant other, we’ll suggest that you skip the predictable and traditional flowers and chocolates. 

Here are 10 unique v-day gift ideas your boyfriend or girlfriend will love!

1. Lego flowers

I know I stated earlier that flowers are a predictable valentine’s gift. But lego flowers on the other hand? That’s a whole different story!


Lego has various flower sets such as sunflowers, tulips, and roses; as well as a botanical collection that includes the iconic flower bouquet and bonsai tree set. PHOTO CREDIT: LEGO


Not only are they pretty and fun to assemble, they also require no taking care of, and you don’t have to worry about them ever dying — just like your love for each other!

But if LEGO’s not your partner’s thing, how about some paper flowers instead? 

2. Build-a-bear stuffie of yourself

Whether you grew up with one or always wished you had one but never did, build-a-bear stuffed toys have a magic to them that never seem to die out.

Build-a-bear — unlike other stuffed toys — offers customisation of their stuffies, where you can pick which animal stuffie you want, along with their clothes and accessories, scents, and even record your own voice to insert in the stuffed animal.


You can pick an animal that looks like you, give it clothes similar to what you wear, and record a sweet voice message your partner can listen to anytime they want. PHOTO CREDIT: BUILD A BEAR


While plushies may be an overrated valentine’s present, getting your significant other one that represents you and “has your voice” is a great comfort for days when they miss you.

3. Personalised mechanical keyboard

Building and customising mechanical keyboards such as personalising the type of switches as well as keycap colours and designs has become a rather popular hobby and trend.

If your significant other is into electronics, a custom built mechanical keyboard could be a great gift idea! You could even design the keycaps to remind them of you such as having your initials in a different colour from the rest of the keycaps.

@2kids1stream Reply to @dawnpatte i love this 10/10 would recommend doing #couplegoals #gamercouple #TostitosUnspokenBonds ♬ Marlboro Nights - Lonely God

Just make sure you know their preferences first, because some people can be picky about the sound and feel of their switches.

4. Matching complimentary shoes

Matching outfits or accessories are a staple in many couples’ wardrobes. However, some may think it’s cheesy and while I do agree to an extent, I think you can never go wrong with complimentary matching shoes.


Similar but not identical clothes and accessories can come off as more tasteful and subtle rather than cringey. PHOTO CREDIT: LOUIS VUITTON


Go get your significant other a pair of sneakers in a similar colour scheme or pattern to one you already own!

5. Glass portrait painting

With birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas presents and now Valentine’s day gifts, it can burn a hole in your wallet trying to surprise your partner every celebratory season.

If you want a cheaper gift alternative that is also meaningful that your significant other is sure to love, try gifting DIY presents such as a painted glass portrait of the two of you!

To do a glass painting, all you will need is acrylic paint, black permanent marker, brushes, and either a glass photo frame or clear acrylic sheet.

You don’t even have to worry about having artistic talent, as you can simply trace a printed out photo of your choice instead of freehand drawing it!

6. Photo scrapbook of memories

To continue the thread of DIY gift ideas, nothing screams romance more than a physical collection of all your favourite memories together.

If your significant other is the sentimental kind, gifting them a scrapbook collating all your favourite photos and memorabilia that you have gathered since your first date would be an extremely thoughtful surprise.

Another idea could be to print out and collate a few screenshots of your favourite text conversations to look back on and either smile or laugh about.

Sometimes, a great gift doesn’t have to cost much!

7. Music playlist

Sure, our generation may no longer use mix tapes or CDs. However, digital playlists can be just as romantic.

You could create a playlist of songs that remind you of your partner, or songs that have a meaningful and significant connotation to your relationship.


Another cool idea could be to make a playlist of songs that form a sentence using only song titles — a secret message from you to your lover! PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/SHANNON KUAN


There’s nothing more romantic than giving your significant other a playlist of love songs that remind you of them.

8. Self-care package

For the people who don’t seem to have any specific interests or hobbies, getting them useful gifts is the safest choice.

A good shaving kit or hair care products could be something boyfriends would like, while girlfriends might enjoy bath soaps from LUSH, hair-care products, or face masks.

Being clean and having good hygiene is extremely important. While this serves as a present for your significant other, you’ll also be benefiting from it in a sense!

9. Massage, facial, or spa vouchers

Some people may not see the value in physical gifts, and instead treasure the quality time spent with their loved ones more instead.

If that’s what your significant other is like, why not give them vouchers that both of you can use and enjoy together on a relaxing day out to either a massage, spa, or facial parlour?


Pamper yourselves on a relaxing date and help your partner unwind from any stress they may have. PHOTO CREDIT: ANDREA PIACQUADIO VIA PEXELS


This way, your gift to them equivalates to a quality time spent well together.

10. Long distance touch bracelet or love box

This gift idea is targeted more towards long distance couples, or couples who sadly don’t get to physically meet often. 

You might have already seen it on TikTok — couples sending digital messages or cute illustrations to each other via a physical box, or sending vibrations in real time to each other through a bracelet to remind the other that they’re thinking of them.

Sure, we may have mobile phones and the internet is practically accessible anywhere and everywhere. However, there’s a certain magic around having a specific item just to communicate with your significant other.

If you’re interested in checking them out, you can find out more or purchase the lovebox here, and the touch bracelet here.

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