10 emojis every Singaporean needs

From tissue packets to ERP gantries, we are crying out to have these emojis.

Angela Ouyang

Published: 20 September 2016, 11:15 PM

If you have ever struggled finding a suitable emoji to express your craving for a local delicacy or complain about an MRT breakdown, you are not alone.

Here are 10 uniquely Singaporean emojis that should exist:

1. Tissue packets

“I found seats! (Insert tissue packet emoji)”

Tissue packets are unmistakably a huge part of our day-to-day lives — not because we Singaporeans are all hygienic people, but because it is part of our hawker centre culture.

There’s no more convenient way to ask our friends to help us chope seats than to use a tissue emoji to reserve ourselves a spot with them!

2. ERP gantry


Whenever the ERP prices increase, this will be the emoji of complaint and grief.

3. MRT breakdown

Since there are already 12 train emojis, one more will not do much harm, right?

Stuck in a train for hours again? We are tired of explaining why we are late because MRT breakdowns are just too common.

No fear, the MRT breakdown emoji will save us from our frustration!

4. Local food

Our favourite breakfast delight deserves an emoji.

Kaya toast, curry puffs, prata, satay, ice-cream in bread…The list goes on. How adorable it would be if there were emojis to accompany our captions in our #foodporn photos on Instagram — Singapore is a food heaven after all.

5. Bubble tea

Imagine how cute the emoji will look.

Seriously, why isn’t there a bubble tea emoji yet? Not just for Singapore – the world needs it.

6. Singlish phrases

Since Singapore is already the king of acronyms, why not take our convenience (or laziness) to the next level?

Instead of having to spell out your words like wah lau and kiasu, just hit a button and your sentence is complete. Shiok!

7. Pokémon

I do not know about you, but Snorlax would be too lazy to type out its full name. Photo credit: THE POKÉMON WIKI

Come on, you are probably too busy running after your rare Pokémon to stop and tell your friends about it. But if you can easily click on a Dragonite emoji, your friends cannot say you bojio.

8. Local landmarks

“I’ll meet you at the (insert merlion emoji)!” Photo credit: Youth.sg/Lim Yu Jia

If only we could buzz our friends Orchard Road emojis, or Marina Barrage emojis to update on a meeting location. A Merlion one would look cool too, just saying.

9. Keep quiet

A friendly way to say “Shhhhh….”


We all have that one group chat that floods us with messages, and sometimes, we just want some peace and quiet.

And how can I forget? Teachers should have their “one silent clap” in an emoji.

10. Free Stuff/Sale

A tiny red box emoji shall be the universal language for “Rush to the mall!”

Have you ever found free items or deals so cheap that typing your words in caps does not do justice to it? Nothing catches a Singaporean’s eye better than a big, red, caps-locked SALE sign.

Apple, please hear us out.

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