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10 date ideas to spend a fun Christmas in Singapore

Let’s change it up from simply watching cheesy Christmas movies and baking cookies together.

Shannon Kuan

Weird talents include playing the violin, but with a ukulele and a clothes hanger.

Published: 10 December 2021, 12:23 PM

There is no doubt that Singapore is smaller in size and limited in terms of its seasons and attractions. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the Christmas spirit here.

As enticing as snow sounds, having a festive celebration doesn’t require a white Christmas. In fact, all you need are iconic Christmas carols, pretty lights, good food, and most importantly — time spent with your loved ones.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate all that into your Christmas this year, here are 10 unique date ideas you could try!

1. Take a bus tour around Orchard Road to see festive lights

Every end of the year, you can be sure to see Orchard Road decked out in festive decorations and lights for Christmas. And this year’s theme is “Christmas in Bloom”.

From hanging bright lights across street lamps to different malls and stores decorating their Christmas trees along the roads, your drive across the city will be nothing short of exciting.

This year, the Big Bus Singapore Christmas Light-Up Tour will bring you on an open-top, double-decker bus ride, cruising past iconic landmarks like the Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade. 

Tanglin Road is where the Orchard Road lights begin, where you can easily snap unobstructed photos of the decorations, or selfies with pretty lights behind you.


This is perfect for those who don’t have a car, or want to experience an open-air view of the lights. PHOTO CREDIT: DUCK TOURS


Prices are currently at $29.70 per adult, and you can make your bookings here.

2. Attend Christmas workshops

Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES will be hosting various Christmas workshops across the month of December this year.

Some activities you and your partner could partake in include Christmas candle making, crafting festive cocktails, creating Christmas bento sets and more!


Prices begin at $75 per person for the current available workshops. PHOTO CREDIT: JOLLIES


Quickly sign up before slots are all booked! Click here for the full list of Christmas workshops available.

3. Shop for gifts for each other… under a time limit!

Giving and receiving Christmas presents is an essential part of celebrating Christmas. 

Instead of planning for and buying your significant other’s present in advance, try adding some spice into your gift giving by shopping for each other’s gifts on the same day, in the same mall or shop, given the same budget and a time limit.

You could even give each other a set theme to follow, such as buying items only in a certain colour, or buying something that starts with each letter in your names.

This may sound rather pressuring but it also can be extremely exciting and even funny! Additionally, it could help take away the stress of spending weeks searching for the perfect present.

4. Visit Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is always a must-visit for the festive season. Every new year is a different theme with new decorations and fun activities to participate in.

Event highlights for this year include eight magical light displays where you can take a romantic walk through a tunnel of ‘stars’, take IG-worthy photos with your significant other in front of the 10-metre tall Tinsel Castle, and more.

If you prefer hands-on activities, you can look forward to carnival game booths and a double-storey Venetian horse carousel priced at $10 per person for a ride.


There is even a European-style Mistletoe Alley Market selling unique goodies that would serve as great Christmas presents. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


And don’t forget Gardens by the Bay’s iconic light show performed by their Supertrees. The Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show will be having a Christmas special where the Supertree lights dance to the beat of various festive tunes — a perfect way to end the night!

5. Drive around fancy neighbourhoods and vote for the best Christmas decorations

While Orchard Road is known for their Christmas lights, try a change of pace by cruising along streets with rows of bungalow houses and landed properties as they tend to go all out with their Christmas decorations.

Provided at least one of you two can drive, you could make it a fun game with you and your partner by ranking the different houses’ decorations and picking which had the best taste in festive design.

While that video started off as an international trend, we could bring it here to Singapore too! 

Some neighbourhoods you could drop by include Bukit Timah, Nassim Road, Tanglin and of course, Sentosa Cove.

Additionally, playing Christmas music to belt along to while driving is a huge plus.

6. Make Christmas TikToks or have a Christmas photoshoot

I’m sure many of us Gen Zs can relate to relishing in documenting special moments online to share and relive anytime we want.

Christmas with our significant other is nothing short of special. From learning dances to popular Christmas songs to recreating cute Christmas-themed couple photos, you can show off your synergy and love for each other online!

If you want ideas, feel free to go through the #christmas and #couples hashtag on TikTok for inspiration.

7. Go festive café/restaurant hopping across the city

For couples who both enjoy food, why not dedicate a day just to try out festive food offerings from various restaurants and cafés?

Central Singapore is nothing short of malls and places to eat. And given how small our country is, it is relatively easy to travel from shop to shop and even mall to mall. 

If you would like some ideas on where to eat, click here for a list of festive restaurants meals to try.

8. Book a staycation

Due to the pandemic, many of our end-of-year holiday plans to go overseas have been affected. However, sometimes what makes a good holiday is finding a good hotel.

If you and your partner enjoy chill indoor dates but are sick of staying at home, here are some great hotel deals you could check out. Some even offer fun activity packages!

9. Build sandmen at the beach instead of snowmen

Singapore sadly has never once experienced snow due to us being located at the equator. This means that many of us probably have never experienced building snowmen.

So why not go against tradition and spend Christmas at the beach building sandmen since we lack snow!

Despite being associated with summer, Sentosa does have a few festive events planned for December which you can view here


Pokémon fans and those who simply like cute things will enjoy the Eevee dance parade. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTUBE/MES CRAZY EXPÉRIENCES


You can even plan a Christmas themed picnic at the beach using ideas like being allowed to only bring red and white foods — because what is going to the beach without having a picnic there?

10. Reminisce through scrapbooking and write resolutions for next year

The most important and anticipated holiday after Christmas is without a doubt New Years Day.

As Christmas happens so late in the year, it’s only natural for celebrations for the two holidays to merge; especially with the fact that they both share similar traditions — spending time with your loved ones and giving thanks.

This festive season, try looking back on your relationship and noting down important milestones and moments that you’ve shared. You could print out photos too and add them in as an extra memento. 

Afterwards, you and your partner could try starting on early resolutions for the new year to see what new steps you want to take in your relationship! 

This is a great way to reminisce on good times in the past and also find ways to grow and better your relationship in the future.

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