Zero Waste Bootcamp #6 for youth

Be an agent of change towards a more #SustainableSingapore

Sat, 4 Sep 2021 - Sat, 4 Dec 2021 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The Zero Waste Bootcamp is an accelerated course for youth in Singapore to craft projects dedicated to environmental and social causes. In collaboration with other like-minded individuals, participants will engage with a local not-for-profit to brainstorm solutions. Thereafter, the teams will create an actionable plan to roll out in the community for 12 weeks.


Pre-registration needed: Sign up here
There are 3 key points in the 12 week timeline:
1. Kick off | 4 Sep 2021 at National Library Building
2. Midterm review | mid Oct 2021
3. Final review | early Dec 2021

Teams will have access to a special panel of mentors – experts in various fields in Singapore who can add value to the team’s decision making. The teams can ask pointed questions to any mentor on the panel as they go about moving towards their set goals over the 12 week period.

After 12 weeks, the teams will present their project outcomes and learning. One team will get a seat on the table with David Chua, CEO of National Youth Council (Singapore) who will guide them on possible next steps for their project – ranging from the type of funding options available, to the process therein and even tips to build a successful case. We are certain this will enable their future eco-volunteering/ eco-entrepreneurship endeavours!

1. Become a certified Green Ambassador
2. Connect with other talented youth in Singapore
3. Receive ongoing guidance from a panel of mentors
4. Gain skills and knowledge to carry out a project with sustainable impact

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