Voices – A Festival of Song: The Last Silent Voice: Opera in One Act by George N. Gianopoulos

The Last Silent Voice, a chamber opera in one act by George N. Gianopoulos begs to ask, “have we stopped talking long enough to hear?” Originally produced in 2014 by The Chamber Opera Players of Los Angeles, this will be the opera’s Asian premiere.

Sun, 5 Dec 2021 - Sun, 5 Dec 2021
Esplanade Recital Studio

“For the first time I could hear my own thoughts,” the husband says to his wife upon realising that they are the last two people who can use their voice as a means of communication. Naturally, panic sets in and the confused couple contemplate their newly-found circumstance, to which the husband declaims “It may be a blessing. Finally, some peace, some respite.”


The wife who is baffled and cannot comprehend his unusual stance, responds “to no longer hear laughter, or an intimate whisper? A sigh? My life, my love exists on the tip of my tongue.” The irregular heartbeat rhythm sends the couple down an arduous path.

Director: Edith Podesta
Music Director: Aloysius Foong
Music: George N. Gianopoulos
Libretto: Monique Boudreau

Husband: Reuben Lai
Wife: Akiko Otao
Violin: Haowei Lim
Violin: Meah Tze Chuan
Viola: Benedict Ng
Cello: Peh Xiang Hong

About L’arietta Productions

Incorporated in 2015, L’arietta Productions produce contemporary chamber operas that are bite-sized and intimate in English, and have introduced over a dozen new works to the Singaporean audience, as well as commission original local works. Collaborating with award winning artists to build operatic experiences; The Straits Times regards L’arietta’s approach as “vital in conveying the message that modern opera could be unstuffy, accessible and even fun.” L’arietta Productions’ commission of A Singapore Trilogy by Dr Chen Zhangyi was named one of the best classical concerts by The Straits Times in 2018.


Time Slots




Sun, 5 Dec 2021 - Sun, 5 Dec 2021

8:00 PM–8:20 PM

Esplanade Recital Studio

Sun, 5 Dec 2021 - Sun, 5 Dec 2021

9:15 PM–9:35 PM

Esplanade Recital Studio

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