Tampines Youth Festival 2021

Youth festival fully created by youths, for youths - Tampines Youth Festival cruises into its 3rd edition as a virtual carnival which aims to celebrate the talents and diversities of the youth in our community. This time it will be held virtually with 2 weeks of activities daily!

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Mon, 6 Dec 2021 - Sun, 19 Dec 2021 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Online Event
Tampines Youth Festival is open for all ages, mainly, the activities are targeted at youths. Here are some of the activities that will be held.

Highlight #1: Laboratory in Peril Virtual Escape Room

Our popular virtual escape room is BACK with a new theme!

Save a laboratory in peril & don’t let the scientist’s efforts go to waste! We need YOUR HELP!

Storyline:As you step into the lab, you find Dr. Freznick fainted on the floor, unconscious. His lab assistant rushes in, looking sickly and tells you that Dr. Freznick has accidentally released the Ω1-34 toxin into the ventilation system, and it is now spreading rapidly throughout the building. Several scientists have already fainted from the gas. An antidote that can neutralize the toxin has been developed, but no one, except Dr. Freznick knows of its whereabouts…

You may sign up through the link: https://tyf2021-laboratoryinperil.peatix.com 

Highlight #2: RaveX Virtual Party

Missed the clubbing & partying scene? Come join us at RaveX!

RaveX is a virtual interactive music party that will keep you moving & grooving inside the comfort of your own home! Let’s get immersed in the specially curated playlist consisting of the top English pop songs of all time. Plug in to this virtual party yourself and dance like no one is watching, or invite the whole family to join this dancing jam or just observe this joyful madness with your earpieces in. Multiple sessions available, and registration is free! Register for an available session here:


Highlight #3: 12.12 Surprise! Live Show

What are days such as 10.10 & 11.11 when you can celebrate 12.12 with TYF2021?!!!! This 12.12, we are giving out FREEBIES TO YOU!!! Tampines Youth Festival 2021 is holding our one-and-only 12.12 Surprise! live on Instagram, where viewers can connect live with us and play our games to win prizes from our local shops & businesses! You won’t want to miss this chance to claim these freebies as your own!  All you need to do is to watch @tampcentralyouths on Instagram live on 12.12, 8pm and request for us to pick you as a guest to our live room!

There’s also a special guest appearance on our 12.12 Surprise! Want to know who it is? Then don’t miss out

Highlight #4: Zoom Werewolf Game Show

Have you played popular games such as Ultimate Werewolf 🐺 or The Werewolves of Miller Hollow ? Can’t find anyone to play now due to the SMM? Fret not as we are bringing Zoom Werewolf to you! We’re looking for 12 participants to participate in our game night, which will be hosted on Zoom and broadcasted on Facebook live. We will play 2-3 werewolf games depending on each games’ progress.

Those who don’t wish to join as a participant can also view the game through Facebook Live! SGD 30 Grab vouchers are to be won if you guess the participants’ roles correctly! Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will close on 27 November 2021, or when all 12 slots are filled, whichever is earlier. Register now 👇


Highlight #5: Telepathy! Game Show

Think you know your loved one , best friend or sibling like the back of your hand? Think you can read his or her mind ? Test it out by joining this Telepathy! game night! We’re looking for 3 pairs of couples, friends or siblings to participate in our game night, which will be hosted on Zoom and broadcasted on Facebook live. During the game night, the pairs will be asked a series of questions to test their understanding of each other.

Be the highest scoring pair to win SGD 100 Resorts World Sentosa gift voucher & a customised illustration (with your chosen photo) on 40cm x 40cm canvas. Refer to @shopcnky.sg on Instagram for samples. If you think you meet the criteria, submit your application 👇 by 27 November 2021.


Highlight #6: Trapped! Virtual Escape Room

BOO! Are you ready to solve some paranormal mysteries at the comfort of your own home? Come join in our Trapped! virtual escape room! Registration is free!


As you venture into the woods, a storm starts to brew; the air is filled with suspicious winds and strange music. All of you rush into the cabin to avoid the storm. A candlelight on the dining table dimly lights up the entire cabin. All of you start to explore your surroundings. Something catches your eye – a portrait of the missing family. You’ve heard many stories about them, the unusual happenings and unsolved mysteries. Legend has it that the family never left – they were trapped in the portrait by one of the paranormal spirits. Your eyes fixate on a little girl in the portrait. In that split second, you thought that the little girl looked at you with pleading eyes, requesting for your help…

You may sign up by scanning the QR code or through the link: https://tyf2021-trapped.peatix.com/

This virtual escape room has the same gameplay as the one previously held by Tampines Central Youth Network on 31 October 2020.

Highlight #7: Live Gigs & Performances by Local Artistes

Tampines Youth Festival 2021 aims to celebrate the talents and diversities of the youth in our community. Throughout the entire 2 weeks of our event, stay tuned to our Facebook page for live gigs and performances by our local artistes, such as:

Sarah X. Miracle
Elaine covers
Sing人 Music
WANNAKids & Youth
Finalists of the Tampines Youth Festival 2021 Dance Competition

…and many more! What’s more, our live shows on 11 December and 18 December will be hosted by none other than Fauzi Aziz from The Smart Local! You surely won’t want to miss our performances by these star-studded cast!

Highlight #8: Competitions!

Tampines Greatest of All League (G.O.A.L)

I’m sure you need no further explanation on what e-sports is about!  Our first ever FIFA22 Tampines Greatest of All League (G.O.A.L) played on PS4 is currently underway! Watch the finals live on 11 December, 2pm – 5pm at Our Tampines Hub’s futsal court! There will also be live futsal challenges for you to test your kicks, and other exciting and fun activities awaits you!

Tampines Youth Festival 2021 Dance Competition

We also have our Tampines Youth Festival 2021 Dance Competition, where dance crews of up to 4 dancers aim to wow the judges and have their try at the SGD 500 cash grand prize!  If your friends are participating in the dance competition, watch out for the voting that will be released on 19 November. 40% of the preliminary judging will be based on the number of likes and we will choose the TOP 8 to enter the final dance competition that will be streamed live on 18 December!

Highlight #9: Shop with Tampines Youth Festival 2021!

What’s a festival WITHOUT shopping?!

Tampines Youth Festival 2021 will feature almost 50 local businesses or start-ups on our virtual marketplace! View the listings and reach out to the businesses directly to purchase their products! What’s more, many of these businesses offer customisation services that will suit your needs! We will be featuring the businesses and start-ups on our page soon, do look forward to that!

There are also some vouchers from renowned brands such as foodpanda, Blood, Amore, and many more that you can use for FREE! Shop till you drop with us!

For more information on event schedule and registration, please visit our information website, coded by one of our youths. http://www.tyf2021.com

Time Slots




Mon, 6 Dec 2021 - Sun, 19 Dec 2021

1:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Online Event

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