Singapore Architecture in Art & Comics

What springs to mind when you think ‘architecture’?

Sun, 24 Oct 2021 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
The Herencia, Robertson Quay

What springs to mind when you think ‘architecture’? Fancy buildings and skyscrapers. Towering hotel buildings. Complex swimming pools and funky shapes. Right?

Well, that’s only half right. Architecture doesn’t just refer to Marina Bay Sands or the Interlace or other award-winning, billion-dollar projects. In fact, architecture and design is all around us. From the humble HDB flat to open community spaces like skate parks and public gardens, everything has evidence of design – everything is ‘architecture’.

This is exactly what Archifest21 seeks to explore. Join Crane for a whole host of cool events and activities that will redefine your personal idea of ‘architecture’.

On 24 October, Crane is proud to host a whole slew of fun and fascinating things to do, in collaboration with Archifest.

Join them for a fascinating digital exhibition featuring comic book and graphic artists who have celebrated Singapore’s heartland architecture in art and storytelling. Includes graphics, videos and interactive materials.

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