Curious Potato Talk Series #7 – Navigating Guan xi in China

Cultural intelligence has become fundamental for venturing into a foreign country.

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Wed, 10 Nov 2021 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Online Event via Zoom

In China, grasping a good understanding of “guan xi” is important.

Where should you sit in a business dinner setting? When is a good time to exchange WeChat contact? Learn about these tips with two fictional characters (Xiao Ming and Da Ming) on their business trip to Shanghai.

A collaboration with 86Insider to provide a platform for youths to ask questions with regards to how one can navigate the challenges of “guan xi”, also commonly loosely defined as connections in China. Cultural intelligence has been a hot topic where the workforce is no longer a singular culture. With the increasing collaboration and ventures into the overseas market, individuals with strong knowledge of cultural awareness are highly sought after for their ability. For China, it is very beneficial for individuals who have an interest to venture into the Chinese market to equip a clear understanding of how “guan xi” plays a role in business.

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