Women's Development In Focus

Women's Development In Focus

Pre-Dialogue Survey:

In the lead up to the series of national dialogues that began in Oct 2020, NYC conducted a survey on 1,000 Singaporeans to understand their sentiments on Women’s Development-related issues. Here’s what we found out:

  • Our youth were more cognizant of issues surrounding women’s development.
  • Youth believed more should be done to address issues that affect women, as compared to the wider population.
  • Youth respondents were also more likely to have witnessed women-related issues such as gender stereotypes and casual sexism, more so as compared to the rest of the population.
  • Youths were highly concerned about issues affecting women in schools, workplaces, and the home/community environment and believed that more should be done to address women’s issues in general.


  • Sexual harassment (82%) and sexuality education taught in schools (79%) are top issues that our youth were concerned about in the school environment.
  • Youth expressed that stakeholders such as educational institutions (86%), families (68%), and individuals (68%) should play a larger role on women’s issues in the schooling environment.


  • Workplace discrimination (75%), sexual harassment (74%), and casual sexism (72%) are top issues that youth were concerned about in the workplace environment.
  • Youth felt that stakeholders such as employers or managers (84%), businesses or corporations (76%), and their fellow colleagues (75%) should look more into women’s issues at workplaces.

Home and Community:

  • Our youth were most concerned about issues surrounding domestic violence at home (85%) and vulnerable women groups in the community (78%).
  • Youth felt that families (77%), spouses (70%), and community organisations (68%) should look into issues affecting women at home.
  • At the same time, youth also expressed a desire for a greater role to be played by community organisations (80%), individuals (76%), and families (67%) for community issues.

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