Conversation on Green Commutes (Session 4) Highlights

Green Plan Conversations – Youth Conversation on Green Commutes (Session 4 – 3 November 2021)

This conversation, co-organised by the National Youth Council (NYC) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) was held on 3 November 2021 via Zoom, involving 64 youths and the following Political Office Holder and invited speaker. 

  • Mr Baey Yam Keng– Senior Parliamentary Secretary (SMS) of Ministry of Transport
  • Ms Pamela Koh – Deputy Manager, Transformation Office, Land Transport Authority

Here are the key insights of the conversation raised by the participants:

Private car ownership versus public transport and active mobility

  • Participants said that while the high cost of car ownership was a deterrent, a significant proportion of youths still aspired to own cars due to convenience, comfort and speed of commute. Participants called for public transport to remain convenient and accessible, and active mobility infrastructure to be improved, so that greener modes of commuting will always serve as an attractive alternative to private car ownership. 

Increasing the appeal of public transport and active mobility

  • Improve the experience of using public transport – Participants said that some commuters exhibited inconsiderate behaviours such as putting their legs on seats, talking or and playing music loudly. They called for a gracious commuting culture to be nurtured for public transport to be enjoyable and safe for all. 
  • Social inclusion – Participants said they wished to see a more inclusive public transport experience where commuters would readily give up their seats to those in need. They suggested for train carriages to be made more accessible to wheelchairs, and gap fillers to be installed between the train and the platform. 
  • Enhance infrastructure – Participants suggested building more sheltered walkways on the way to/from bus and train stations for additional comfort, which would motivate more to switch to greener modes of commuting. They also suggested improving cycling infrastructure by implementing more bicycle racks near eateries, schools and workplaces.
  • Enhance convenience and availability – Participants called for better frequency of public transport, especially at relatively inaccessible locations like industrial areas, and public transport options were reduced after certain hours. 
  • Increase awareness on the benefits of using green commutes – Participants suggested for schools to increase outreach by educating youths on the positive health and environmental impact of using greener modes of commuting via social media.
  • Provide incentives – Participants suggested incentivisation methods to encourage greener commutes, such as student concessions for bicycle-sharing services and voucher redemption programmes for commuters.


 Detailed Notes For 3 November 2021 


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