Digital Engagement Series with The Smart Local (TSL) 

NYC partnered with TSL to curate a six-part digital engagement series that focuses on empowering youths with the knowledge to better understand and manage their mental wellbeing. This series ran from April to October 2021 and here’s an overview of each segment:

  • Part 1 was launched in April and focused on raising awareness about mental health conditions like anxiety.
  • Part 2 was launched in May and aimed to raise awareness about the importance of peer support and ways to demonstrate care.
  • Part 3 took place in June with a continued effort to raise awareness about the importance of peer support and help avenues available while encouraging help-seeking behaviours particularly for victims of bullying.
  • Part 4 took place in August with discussions on the importance of emotional resilience and how to cultivate it.
  • Part 5 took place in September with discussions on mental health in the workplace, the importance of having open conversations about mental health matters and the need to reduce stigma on mental health issues. 
  • The final engagement was launched in October to debunk misconceptions about seeking professional mental help and raise awareness about the benefits of seeking professional help for those who needed it. 

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