Check This: Peer Support Matters

Peer Support Is Key

In May 2021, the second part of our series with TheSmartLocal (TSL) focused on the importance of peer support and how to demonstrate care.


TSL Plays: We’re Not Really Strangers  

This video was done in collaboration with Youth Corps Singapore (YCS) where TSL personalities sat down for a HTHT session and shared their personal struggles and emotions through a game of cards. Watch this video to learn about how valuable a friend can be to one’s wellbeing and how to provide useful support to a friend in need. Watch the video below. 


The TSL video spurred youths to participate in an IG Live with a YCS peer supporter, Sheng Zhe, on the topic of peer support, the appropriate ways one can take to provide support and what it takes to be a peer supporter.


The key learnings from IG Live are summarised below:

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