Check This: Mental Health In The Workplace

Check This: Mental Health In The Workplace

Tik Tok Live with Parliamentary Secretary (Parl Sec), Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Social and Family Development, Mr Eric Chua and TOUCH Wellness Assistant Director, Ms Andrea Chan, on mental health in the workplace.

Through a game of spicy questions roulette, TSL’s personalities, Fauzi Aziz and Brenda Tan, Parl Sec Mr Eric Chua and Ms Andrea Chan discussed mental health struggles and challenges faced in the workplace. Hear some pro-tips on how they have coped with work stress and how to give colleagues emotional support and more!  

Watch the highlight reel of what went down that night below!

Bosses and Employees Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

TSL’s boss and employee pairings engaged in open and honest discussions about their emotions, mental health stresses and struggles they faced in the workplace. 

In response to the video, close to 120 youths shared personal experiences providing mental health support to colleagues and friends that were going through a difficult time. Check out youths’ comments on TSL’s Instagram page below! 

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