Check This: How To Seek Help

Check This: How To Seek Help

Mental Health in the Age of Social Media – How can we safeguard our mental health & create a better digital world together? 

In the final part of the series with The Smart Local (TSL), learn how to create a positive and safe digital environment and foster healthy online interactions from the Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth, and Trade and Industry, Mr Alvin Tan, TSL’s personality, Fauzi Aziz and other invited guests. As social media has firmly integrated into the lives of many, learn more about the links between social media and mental health and the awareness of seeking professional help to safeguard your mental health. 

If you missed the livestream, check out the highlight reel of what went down below!

Ask TSL: Aunt Agony Questions

The video featured TSL personalities along with psychiatrist, Dr Aaron Meng, to provide advice on mental health struggles in response to questions sent in by youths. Check out the video below to better understand the benefits of seeking professional help and how best to seek it when needed! 

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