Check This: Dealing With Anxiety

Know What Anxiety Looks Like

The first part of our series with TheSmartLocal (TSL) was launched in April. This segment focused on raising awareness about anxiety, identifying associated symptoms and seeking help if necessary.

6 Helpful Ways To Cope With Anxiety Or Help Loved Ones With It, As Shared By A Professional

This article was written in collaboration with a Visiting Associate Consultant Psychiatrist at the Institute of Mental Health and a SAF Medical Officer, Dr Syed Harun Alhabsyi, who lent his expertise with tips for six helpful ways to calm anxiety.

Read the full article here.

In response to the article, close to 100 youths shared their personal experiences with anxiety and tips to deal with it on Youthopia’s Instagram page. Some of the experiences and useful tips shared by youths and professionals were consolidated and amplified via a curated comic strip. View the full comic strip below.

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