What's Holler! all about?

What's Holler! all about?

Holler! is a community for youths aged 15 to 35 to discuss social issues that affect them and have a hand in shaping national policies. This is a safe space for youths to start conversations, share their unique views and broaden their perspectives while interacting with like-minded youths.

Through Kopi Sessions, our community aims to bring youths together to discuss social issues in the news and respectfully hear from one another. Some of these sessions may also act as a platform for government agencies to gather feedback and suggestions.

The Holler! community gathered on an interactive platform, Gather.town, for a virtual Kopi Session chat


Holler! participants can come here to look back at the discussions they’ve had, while other youths can also tune in to hear different points of view and engage with Kopi Session topics through polls and discussions.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within the content solely belong to Holler! members and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the Youthopia team and National Youth Council.

What happens after a Kopi Session?

After each Kopi Session, summary notes of what youths have shared will be collected and published on this Conversation page on Youthopia for participants and other youths to join in the discussion.

Explore Kopi Sessions

Click “Next” below to explore each Kopi Session page to find out more about the issues that are important to youths and share your views in the polls included. You may also check out other Conversation pages to share your views and participate in the discussions.


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