How to join Holler!

How to join Holler!


Duration of Term
Members will have to commit to Holler! with a minimum of 1 year and up to a maximum of 1.5 years from the date of appointment for 1 term.

Primary Role
Participate in discussions to represent youth perspectives on a variety of trending issues and current affairs.

Secondary Role
Participate in other NYC platforms and government agencies as committee members, panellists, facilitators and participants.

What is the Holler! membership commitment?

1 Kopi Session per quarter
Be part of Holler! community discussions on trending topics and current affairs.

1 Citizen Conversation per year
Take a deep dive into pertinent topics with other youths and share your thoughts on issues close to your heart.

Self-define Goals
Make plans for what you want to achieve in the coming year with the Holler! community.

Why you should join!

1. Receive recommendations to be sponsored for exciting local and regional conferences and summits.

2. Get exclusive invites to workshops and learning journeys that will help you upskill, build perspectives and develop ideas to tackle social causes.

3. Represent yourself and advocate for these youth voices in government programmes and policies.

4. Meet other like-minded youths in a safe space and create change in your community.

Ready to join the Holler! community?

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